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The year of the quilt…

May 15, 2012 2 comments

1. For a girl who loves yellow.

It all started in January when I decided to make ONE quilt.

Then people started having all kinds of babies, and I decided to make my nieces quilts, and I decided my wedding guest book should be a quilt…

And now I’m deep in the throes of the year of the quilt. To this point, I’ve averaged almost one per month. I’ve completely finished three and have finished all but the binding on one of them (it’s machine stitched on, I just have to do the hand sewing to the other side), and I’ve finished cutting the fabric for number 5 and have four completed squares.

For someone who usually starts and stops projects a dozen times before completing them, I’m doing pretty good. I also made 8 or 9 quilted rag bags while I was at it (that led to a week of bruised thumbs from all the cutting!). And a funky looking patchwork monster.

I just hope by the end of the year I haven’t totally burned myself out on quilting. It’s so exciting to see how patterns and colors meld together as I get closer to finishing things, but it’s easy to lose sight of that when working on something annoying (like cutting fabric, or hand stitching binding).

Thankfully, I think I only have two more quilts in the plans for this year, and one is baby-sized. But the other one is a queen. If I think I’ve been overwhelmed by the giant lap quilts…I’m a little scared of how intimidating a queen size quilt will be!

Funky monster. (I guess I didn’t take a picture of quilt 2. I didn’t love it and haven’t figured out what I’ll do with it.)

3. For a special little baby. This is one of my favorites quilts so far. The flannel was cozy and I loved the mix of fabrics.

4. My second large lap quilt. Still need to finish the binding.

5. The start of another lap-size one. I trimmed the pattern down a little since the squares were a lot more work than I expected! I’ve finished four squares. 24 to go!

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Checking our List

December 1, 2011 1 comment

Please forgive all the smudging out of info. But our guest list is already so large, I couldn't risk having every blog reader showing up at the reception too! (Though I'd love it if we could handle it)

And I’m sure we’ll be making these more than twice (we’ve already made copy changes. Thank goodness they weren’t all printed yet)!

Over Thanksgiving I finally got together with my sister to go over invitation design. Thinking of how many we have to make, I figured we should get an early start!

I found this design on another Stampin’ Up consultant’s blog, and seeing as my sister is also a consultant…score!

After ordering all our supplies in advance (we went with papers in daffodil delight and pear pizzaz) we got to work cutting and sticking.

To be more economical, I decided to go with a A1 size card instead of a larger one like I first saw in the blog. This way we got 4 cards per sheet of paper.

Because it was smaller, the little ribbon doo-dad didn’t look very good anymore. I think the swirls stand well enough on their own anyway.

Now to print, cut, and tape about 199 more! That will be a project for Christmas break.

Little Gobbler, III

November 11, 2011 Leave a comment

First, there was Little Gobbler. I believe this craft was Gretchen’s idea.

“Oh no guys! You don’t have to bring paints! I have plenty!” she said.

I guess her idea of “fall colors” is different than most people’s.

I’m pretty sure this was also the year Elena discovered her love for styrofoam balls and hot glue. I remember lots of random things being glued…

Last year, there was Little Gobbler 2.0.

He was fairly similar to the original gobbler, but with a handy body that could hold candy (I think my niece ate an entire pot of cinnamon red hots last year out of him).

We had more appropriate paint colors, but of course, like everything in the world, each Gobbler ended up having it’s own personality. Mine appeared slightly drunk, G’s looked sad, and Angie’s…wait, is that Elvis??

This year we decided that maybe we’d find a way to share our love of Little Gobblers with more people. Plus, how many styrofoam turkeys does any one person need in their own house?

We turned the gobblers into cards, so we can send them to people we’re thankful for.

Using four different punches (only the hats were cut freehand with scissors) we spent a couple hours each creating 10 cards each (and maybe drinking a bottle of wine and eating half a cookie cake while we were at it.

The results, once again, all had personalities of their own (yes Angie, homemade turkeys DO have personalities!).

So while each of the cards will be sent to people outside our group, I’m pretty certain that each of the three of us “seesters” is thankful that after three years, we can still make crazy crafts together and laugh until we cry about who knows what.

The trials of Doing it Yourself

October 24, 2011 1 comment

Before (on the left), and after getting the right punch (right)

There’s a lot of debate in wedding-world over making things yourself. Is it really any cheaper once you buy all the supplies? Is it worth your time? Do things ever really look like Martha made them?

I ran into my first trials over the past few weeks.

Remember my “Guess what I’m making?” posts?

Yeah. I scrapped all of those flowers I made.

Why? Because for the paper pomanders I was planning for my flower girls, the flowers were just too small. The balls looked like balls of pin heads, not balls of flower. I tried several different techniques to see I could make them better and after showing them to Charles, I finally realized I simply needed bigger flowers. The poms were looking much more kindergarten than Martha.

After buying the right sized punch yesterday, things went much better (and quicker!).

First, I punched petals in two shades of yellow. I spread the lighter shade of petals (the one I wanted on top) on a circle of Styrofoam I had from when I made cake pops. This made it much easier to put the pins through their centers.

Then, I’d hold a darker flower onto the Styrofoam ball and push a previously pinned flower through the center. By pushing the pin in firmly, the petals would naturally pop up, creating a more three-dimensional affect.

With bigger petals, it took much fewer pins and punches to create a ball. I ended up making three of them in about 5 hours.

My biggest tip of advice on the project…although I don’t normally splurge for the name brand…buy the Martha Stewart punch. because you want to see what you’re punching in order to save paper, hers are much easier to hold and punch and watch. Most punches are made to be used on a flat surface and you can’t see what your punching. Hers have a handy lever system that’s easy to hold in one hand and saves your thumbs from a ton of soreness!

What I used for this project: 5 inch foam balls, cardstock, Martha’s hydrangea punch, yellow-ball tipped straight pins.

In the end, for me, doing it myself was worth it. I probably spend about $30 all together on the balls, but I like that they’re something I made myself, and something the flower girls can keep after the wedding if they want to. Flowers die. These balls won’t even need watering!

Guess what I’m making

October 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Other than sore thumbs…


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The best things in life are free

August 3, 2011 Leave a comment

So what helps make DIY items even more affordable?

Part of the thought that must go into DIYs is…will it be cheaper to make this myself or will I pay more buying the supplies? Should I just PSE (pay someone else)?

When all the supplies are free, I figure I have to at least give it a try. Enter Freecycle. I love that not only am I getting items (like wine bottles and Christmas lights) that others no longer want, but I have this warm fuzzy feeling of my community giving me a hand. And picking up the items, I see different parts of the city I work in and live in that I normally wouldn’t see otherwise.

And let’s face it, sometimes it’s just fun to see what people are offering thinking someone else might be interested in having it! An alligator head anyone?

The start of DIYs

August 2, 2011 Leave a comment

This weekend I got a head start on my DIY projects.

First, I headed to home depot to figure out how to cut wine bottles. Not as easy as one would think! The most helpful guy I found was the paint mixer man. What paint has to do with glass I’ll never know!

I found the one tool they had, got some masking tape to help guide me to make straight lines, and some rough sandpaper to dull the sharp edges.

Easy enough, right?

Wrong. Method number one of scoring a line, then using really hot and really cold water to make the bottom “pop” off failed. I could have achieved the same result by smashing the bottle into my counter.

On to fabric. That I know how to cut!

I had two livingsocial coupons to G Street Fabric that were about to run out, so I figured (in addition to getting stuff to finish Giggie’s quilt) I could do something wedding-y with that. I am a rock star at cutting 5 inch squares. Why can’t glass be that easy to cut?

Stay tuned to find out what they’ll become!