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Little Gobbler, III

First, there was Little Gobbler. I believe this craft was Gretchen’s idea.

“Oh no guys! You don’t have to bring paints! I have plenty!” she said.

I guess her idea of “fall colors” is different than most people’s.

I’m pretty sure this was also the year Elena discovered her love for styrofoam balls and hot glue. I remember lots of random things being glued…

Last year, there was Little Gobbler 2.0.

He was fairly similar to the original gobbler, but with a handy body that could hold candy (I think my niece ate an entire pot of cinnamon red hots last year out of him).

We had more appropriate paint colors, but of course, like everything in the world, each Gobbler ended up having it’s own personality. Mine appeared slightly drunk, G’s looked sad, and Angie’s…wait, is that Elvis??

This year we decided that maybe we’d find a way to share our love of Little Gobblers with more people. Plus, how many styrofoam turkeys does any one person need in their own house?

We turned the gobblers into cards, so we can send them to people we’re thankful for.

Using four different punches (only the hats were cut freehand with scissors) we spent a couple hours each creating 10 cards each (and maybe drinking a bottle of wine and eating half a cookie cake while we were at it.

The results, once again, all had personalities of their own (yes Angie, homemade turkeys DO have personalities!).

So while each of the cards will be sent to people outside our group, I’m pretty certain that each of the three of us “seesters” is thankful that after three years, we can still make crazy crafts together and laugh until we cry about who knows what.

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