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All those kids…how to include them

October 7, 2011 6 comments

See how nicely they can line up? These three are ready for a parade!

With 10 nieces and nephews, I knew I would have to have an all or nothing approach to the whole flower girl/ring bearer situation.

As I said previously, I originally chose the nothing approach.

Then I decided I could deal with 3 flower girls and that would be precious. But 7 ring bearers? I’ll go with 0 and spare some feelings.

Then I read this Ruffled blog. I have been totally in love with the idea of a Kid Parade.

Why have a DJ introduce us with some weird intro when we could have up to 50 kids with kazoos and tambourines and bubbles (led by the 10 nieces and nephews who will practice ahead of time) lead us in a sort of second line around the yard to our reception? Can you think of anything cuter?

I’m not sure I can.

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Aunt Mary’s Here!

June 30, 2011 1 comment

Sometimes it’s easy to overlook how much you’re loved when life becomes a routine. But going home last weekend for the first time since Easter, I was overjoyed to see it again in the face of children.

My first stop was at my sister’s house, to see her before they left for a trip. As I pulled into her cul de sac and beeped my horn at my niece on her bike, her face lit up! (Did she know I’d missed her birthday and had a present for her? Maybe.)

Then when I got to my mom and brother’s house, 5 out of 6 of the kids were waiting on the stoop with Granny. I guess they’d gotten too wound up and excited to be inside anymore!

You’d think I spoil these kids rotten, but I swear I don’t! All I had for them this time (with the exception of the two about to have birthdays) were toys from happy meals that I’ve collected (I can’t just pass on one toy…I have to wait until I have 4 or 5 so no one gets upset). But surprises or no surprises, they were just excited I’d come to see them and there was a new face around. And possibly a second iPhone in the house so two of them could play snail race at the same time.

Watch how many times I can jump rope Mary! Watch how long we can hula hoop! Watch us race around the house and see who wins!

Wow. Was my childhood really that simple?


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Snowmen on a no snow day

December 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Give a kid a styrofoam ball, and well, it’s like giving a mouse a cookie! A simple idea turned much more creative in the hands of young minds! And no glue was even required. Oh the things you can do with scotch tape and toothpicks!

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