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Another Weekend of Finishing

September 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Normally, I would have thought I had a pretty lazy weekend. But thanks to this blog and trying to think of something to add after this long weekend, man I look productive!

Finishing was again a theme for the weekend. I love finishing things! Being able to empty that tub of cream cheese in the fridge and throw it out before it’s done…using up those millions of bottles of hotel shampoo I’ve inherited…finishing a project that had been set aside for a while…all of these bring me odd satisfaction.

Friday night, I was meeting up with some friends from college I haven’t seen in a long time. The boyfriend and I decided to head out early and get dinner before we all met up. Sometimes it’s nice to always know someone everywhere we go…sometimes it’s dangerous!


Not 10 minutes after we sat down, we had not just one…but TWO beer samplers. Now I love sampling some beer…but I don’t usually order 2.5 glasses all at once! But yes, I managed to finish it! (and more…)

Saturday night I headed to Times for Tawana’s MS Walk fundraiser. I knew I’d be there early and be there for a while, so I took a book I’d started reading one night there while keeping Charles company. Guess what? I finished it!

Sunday I finally finished moving. Yes, it’s been almost a year…but I had a few bags of stuff (all that stuff that didn’t deserve a box because yeah. I didn’t really want any of it).

One garbage bag was set aside for Goodwill and 80% of the rest of it was listed to my inventory. But I’m sure Charles is more than thankful that I’ve finally finished moving out of his house!

I also finally managed to take Dad’s old laptop to Microcenter to be fixed since I failed at getting the OS reinstalled. I was SO on track to being a self-proclaimed genius! But it kept freezing. Oh well. One more “to do” off the list!

Yesterday after finishing my homework, I also finished all of the cross stitch on the baby quilt I uncovered last month. It only took me years! Now all I have left are the outlines and low and behold…I might actually finish a baby gift before the baby is born!

Now if I could only finish putting away the rest of the crap I brought home from Charles’ house…

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Thrifty Thursday, Part Two

July 15, 2010 2 comments

I won’t normally post twice in one day, but this is just too odd to not discuss.

After hearing all the hype about Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover, I finally caved and bought it (along with another book I’d really been wanting from Border’s). With coupons and free shipping, I essentially got Dave’s book for free. Good investment, right?

I finally read it last night.

I found it quite disappointing. I don’t need to read a bunch of proverbs and anecdotes to realize that I shouldn’t be in debt and debt is a bad thing. I really was expecting a more “here’s what you do to fix it” sort of thing…not a “why you should fix it.” I know why…

So the one thing I got out of his book? I should sell his book on and use that money to pay down debt.

I listed it this morning, it sold at 2:30. Thanks Dave for that $13 profit.

(On the other hand, I think I will really save money with Jenny Hart’s Embroidered Effects! I have all sorts of plans for upcycling!)

Thrifty Thursday

July 15, 2010 2 comments

My most recent sale. A book I reviewed 5 or 6 years ago.

So one of the goals going along with my new “responsible home owner” persona (or at least my quest to actually BE a responsible home owner) is to be debt free (except for maybe my mortgage and student loan) within the next two years.

But as a person whose worked for the Church for 8 years (and let’s face it, God doesn’t have deep pockets!) it’s been almost impossible to NOT live beyond my means.

Until I can figure out a plan where a second job might be doable…I’ve resorted to selling myself. No, not that way.

When I moved all my belongings into Boyfriend’s house before I found my house, I had one whole section of his basement that was labled “crap I don’t want/need/use.” This crap has sat there for almost a year because let’s face it…I didn’t even want to move it because it was so useless!

About a month ago I started going through it. I’m way too lazy and unmotivated for a yard sale, so what would I ever do with it?

I started with the books.

I googled to find a used book store, and Google suggested I’ve always been hesitant to try out ebay because if I’m too lazy to hold a yard sale, why would I want to take photos of everything I’m selling, figure out what shipping would be and what someone would actually pay for?

I clicked the link, and it was SO much easier than I expected. All I had to do was enter the ISBN number, they’d have a photo on file and tell me what the book had previously sold for in the condition I listed, and they’d reimburse me for shipping!


I figured I’d give it a go and if I didn’t sell anything in a month, what had I lost?

Really, how many more times do I need to rewatch Little House in my lifetime?

Well, I was surprised at the gains. Who would have thought that people would give me $100 in only a month for a pile of crap I didn’t want?

And once you get started, it’s almost addictive. When you know people will actually pay you for books you aren’t reading, those classics you never thought you could get rid of suddenly look so much more valuable if they’re listed for sale! And that box set of DVDs you bought 5 years ago and have watched maybe two times? Like Gold!

What are you doing these days for extra income?

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