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Wait a minute, Mr. Postman

October 18, 2011 Leave a comment

About a month or so ago, I got that wedding itch. The itch to purchase something or do something.

I did what only seemed logical to me at the time. I bought 400 “Garden of Love” postage stamps.

Stamps are a big decision for many brides.

Do you get something that reflects the taste of the couple like pets, movie stars or other famous people?

Do you go “bridal” and get the white rose wedding stamps that look so proper and formal?

To me, one thing was more important than anything else.

It had to be “forever.”

Like our love or perhaps diamonds, I wanted postage that would last for more than a year.

Good thing.

Today the postal service announced rates will go up 1 cent next year (3 cents for postcards. I better figure out what we’re doing for RSVPs soon).

Believe it or not, buying stamps was perhaps the most bitter-sweet wedding decision I’ve made so far. For 20+ years of my life, it was a rare occasion to purchase a stamp. Instead, when I went home, Dad would ask me what I loved from the latest Philatelic catalog and sure enough, a few weeks later I’d have stamps and a note on a random scrap of paper to add to my binder of stamps Dad made for each kid one Christmas.

I’m sorry, Dad. I know you’d be ashamed to see my binder so nearly empty. And I feel ashamed every time I add a second stamp to an over-sized letter. Dad would have had the exact extra postage required. Thankfully, since I bought forever stamps, there will be no need for a second stamp on the wedding invites.


Our Mission to Fight Junk Mail…And preserve Postal Rates!

August 10, 2010 3 comments

So, this was originally brought to my attention by my cousin Bob.

It seems that every week, I must be preapproved for $50K in loans. Do I have any interest in these? No. Do the constant letters drive me bonkers? Yes. I find them to be a huge waste of paper and resources.

But as the daughter of a postal worker, I LOVE mail. Not just receiving it you see, I love stuffing the mailbox knowing that by doing so, I am preserving the jobs of millions of people like my dad.

But the hikes in postage kill me.

These annoying pieces of mail I receive daily (yes, daily) usually include an annoying little envelope that, guess what? Is prepaid! So why not make use of them.

I love opening a whole batch of them, saving the envelopes, filling the envelopes with whatever other junk mail I have on hand (nothing with my name and address on it mind you) and putting them right back into circulation with the USPS.

It can’t be ignored that they make a TON of money off of these corporate accounts. And if they made more money by us using more of these pre-paid envelopes, maybe our private rates would stay lower? Who knows. But at least my recycling bin isn’t quite as heavy as it used to be!

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