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Back to Favorites – Blogs

November 15, 2010 2 comments

So what blogs does a blogger read for inspiration? Although I’ll admit I don’t regularly touch every blog in my blogroll, there are some that are definitely “regulars.”

1. For Crafts, duh, craftzine. What could be more comprehensive than craftzine?

2. Decor/textiles – I wish I could have isuwannee decorate my entire house. Of course I’d have to let go of all of my centuries old furniture, but seriously. I heart those textiles (and bookshelves!).

3. Good food – Healthy Delicious. I know that I’ll like any meal I make from here as long as I like the simple ingredients.

4. General food and recipes – The Everyday Food blog. I turn to this more when I’m looking for a more conventional recipe that Lauren might not have, or if I have a specific food I want to use up. But with the larger stash of recipes comes a larger chance I won’t be as pleased with the outcome! But nothing completely unedible has happened yet.

5. And lastly, wedding blogs. No, not because I’m planning mine for any time in the near future, but just because deep down inside, yes, I might be a girly girl and enjoy living through my friends! Megan got her Mrs, so her blogs aren’t as weddingy as they previously were. Now I also visit Bec Getting Married. Can’t wait for the engagement photos!


Scavenger Hunt, Day 3 – Something Green

September 16, 2010 Leave a comment

I had lots of green things at my desk.

The theme chosen for today’s scavenger hunt was “something green.”

Again, I forgot to charge my camera so unfortunately I couldn’t be as creative as I’d like or get as good of photos with my phone. But the whole point is to just do it, right?

Thanks to Megan for planting the idea and Kate, Di and Kelly for also jumping right on board! This is fun! And it’s getting me away from my desk for a few moments every day (something we all need to work on!).

So now, the photos.

An oak tree I hate to love growing in a field of turf type tall fescue, which I also hate to love. My sinuses hate me for this photo.

And finally, my eye. Funny thing about green eyes. My dad always wished he had them but he had brown eyes. When he went through radiation...his eyes lightened to the same color as mine. He took it as a sign that he was getting everything he ever wanted.