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Charles’ Thanksgiving Dinner

January 25, 2011 4 comments

Yep. That’s right folks. It’s January and I’m posting about Thanksgiving!

Due to a free-throw bet that Charles lost (to a girl), he ended up having to make a turkey dinner… with all the fixinings (even green bean casserole was specifically requested).

This weekend, he made good on that bet and cooked for about a dozen of our closest friends.

The turkey was grilled (his second time attempting this). It was basted in butter and stuffed with veggies before being thrown onto the flames, and toward the end was slightly smoked with some added hickory chips. He’s found this a successful way to make a juicy crispy bird.

There were a plethora of side dishes! Grilled asparagus and lemon, stove top (one of two shorcuts), sauteed squash, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and the infamous green bean casserole. Oh, and Rolls! OH! The rolls… Ask Bob about Grands Biscuits. He ate about 9 of them.

Weinies and meatballs hung out in barbeque sauce in the crock pot.

How pretty is that bird? Doesn’t it look delicious? I could eat this meal all over again right now (but perhaps that has something to do with the disgusting chicken salad “sandwich” I had for lunch).

We all ate. And ate and ate. And ate and ate and ate some more.

Then we tried Katrina’s bourbon brownies…OMG. I don’t particularly like brownies (they’re too sweet) and I don’t particularly like bourbon (um…no comment) but together? A perfect marriage. The bourbon cuts the sweetness.

And since it was Sunday, we finished the day with football. And I was so excited to see the next day on the news, that yes, that guy did just pick his nose and wipe it on his teammate.


Mom’s Cinnamon Apples

November 22, 2010 1 comment

Mom’s cinnamon apples may very well be one of the easiest recipes ever, but it was one of the hardest ones to figure out on Friday night.

The recipe has only two ingredients, Apples, and cinnamon red hots.

However, what ratio of them do I use? Friday night, I thought I’d easily be able to figure this out.

I called Mom at home, and she didn’t answer. But the answering machine message featuring my Dad’s voice picked up (an eery but comforting message all in the same). I know when this happens (which is rare), someone is on the line and didn’t switch over to pick up.

So I called my sister. I said, “I have five apples. How many candies should I use?”

Her answer…”However many you want to use. A lot if you want them hot, a little if you don’t.”

Um…how many is “a little?”

So we decided on a quarter-cup.

And I set about peeling my five apples. One of greatest accomplishments in life (and proof that I’m easily amused) was the day I could finally peel an apple without breaking the peel. This is a huge deal in my family! Ask my roommate at the time. She took photos to prove it!

Halfway through apple number two, my sister-in-law returns the call I made to my mom’s house. She gives me the same recipe my sister had…”as many as you want to use!” I’m glad my sister and I nailed that down earlier.

About 40 minutes later, I put down the phone and return to the apples. I’m glad I was peeling and cutting them into a shallow pot of water so the two I’d finished already didn’t brown. When the apples were peeled, cored, and cut into eighths, i topped them with water (barely enough to cover them). As the apples boil, they release their own juices so too much water results in too runny of apples.

After they boiled for a few minutes and were soft (tested with a fork), I poured off most of the excess moisture (you can judge this to your liking. Mom likes them runnier, my sister and I like them chunkier). Return the pot to the stove and stir in your selected amount of red hot candies. A quarter cup worked great for my 5 apples! The candies melt and create a bright red sauce and bright red apples. Once the candies are melted, remove from the heat. You can serve right away, but if you let them sit for a few minutes, the juice will thicken.

Yum! The perfect way to use up cooking apples that you’d prefer not to eat raw.

My Favorite Things in November

November 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Happy Birthmonth Lara!

I love fall more than any other season, and although October may be my favorite month, November has a lot to offer as well.

1. Thanksgiving. I love thanksgiving. Maybe it’s because there’s no pressure for buying presents or pleasing people, it’s just all about getting together, eating great food and having a fun time. And I love figuring out something for the kids to do before dinner. I have been told I’m an expert hand-turkey maker.

2. Daylight savings time. Although it’s harder to wake up in the morning when it’s darker, for one weekend, I love having one more hour to spend in my bed. I love sleep. There is not much that I love more than sleep.

3. Birthdays. The month opens with one of my favorite cousin’s birthdays and closes with my oldest nephew’s. What’s more fun than birthdays?? (Although with Dallin turning TWELVE it’s one more reminder of me getting old.)

Making Apple Butter.

4. One month closer to Christmas. I love Christmas enough for the normal reasons…but working for a Catholic University, I love it even more. A week or two of paid holidays? I’ll take it!

5. Sweaters. I love wearing layers. I love when it gets colder. I like to think cold is better than hot because you can always put on an added layer when you get cold, but when it’s hot, there’s only so much you can take off (in public at least).

Signs it’s Fall!

September 9, 2010 2 comments

Maybe it was growing up in the valley that made me appreciate fall so much, but for so many reasons it’s my favorite season.

I love cardigans and sweatshirts. It’s cool enough in fall to need them, but not a coat.

Fall was always birthday season for me. First Dad’s, then mine (in less than a month!).

Who doesn’t love the colors of the fall foliage?

If I wasn’t so allergic…who doesn’t love jumping into piles of crisp fallen leaves?

Fall is when school begins…a fresh start, a new opportunity.

And this morning, as I drink my first one for the season, who doesn’t love a pumpkin spice latte?

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