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The Meaning of the word “Friend”

May 18, 2011 3 comments

I think there are many types of friends that come in and out of your life as you age.

There are the childhood friends that were your closests buddies when your worlds were small. You may completely lose touch with them, but the sentiment of their friendship never changes.

There are the transient friends that move in and out of your life. The best of these friends you can call or visit at any time (even if you haven’t spoken in a year) and it will be as if no time has passed.

There are the friend-family members who you have to love because they’re family, but they’re cool enough that you actually like them too.

And there are the truly dedicated friends. No matter what’s going on, good or bad or boring, these friends have made a commitment to always be there.

No one friend is better than the other, they all have their strengths.

But I think I’m lucky to have friends that stay in such close touch. I also think I’m lucky to have worked with them!

Also known as the “Seesters,” Angie, Gretchen and I haven’t worked in the same building in 5 years. But every month, we still try our damnedest to get together. It could be a simple night in with sangria and board games, or it could be our ever-favorite night out at Uncle Julios, but month in, month out, I know I can count on catch up time with the girls!

Last night was sangria night at Gretchen’s. The drinks were dangerously delicious! (Trust me, dangerous!) And the inner geek in us all came out as we played two very competitive games of Settlers of Catan (which gets much harder the more dangerous the sangria gets).

For the recipe of Gretchen’s dangerous sangria, click here. She used two apples instead of one apple one pear, left out the pom seeds, and only used one cinnamon stick. I don’t love super sweet things, but this was perfect!

She let it sit for one day. If you’re driving, resist the temptation to eat the fruit!


Favorite Things – Children’s Board Games

October 29, 2010 3 comments

When I was a kid, I probably played board games with my cousin Lara more than anyone else (well, maybe not myself. How sad is it that I had siblings but still played board games by myself??). The following were my favorites:

1. The Game of Life. This game was very serious to us. HELLO! It’s Life!! We had to name our husbands and kids (sometimes more kids than we could fit in the car). And we couldn’t just stop when we got to the end…no. If your number didn’t land you EXACTLY at the mansion, you had to go back however many spaces you had left in the number you spun. This rule made the games last much longer (Who doesn’t want a longer Life??).

Personally, I think the newer versions of this game are terrible. They never should have messed with the original.

2. Hungry Hungry Hippo. This was a game that was fun to play with others, or by myself (If you have two hands, you can control two hippos). I think I liked this game because I felt I had a lot in common with those hippos. However, living in a 200 year old house made it hard to play a fair game. There aren’t many truly level places to play.

3. Girl Talk. What I loved even more than giving each other “zits” to wear, were the crazy things we came up with. My favorite time was when Lara took a turn and was told to turn on the radio and the song playing would say something about her future. Amy Grant’s “Baby Baby” came on so we decided Lara would have 28 babies because that’s how often the word is mentioned.

4. Hi Ho Cheery-o. Another favorite to play alone (do you feel sorry for me yet or what?). And again like hungry hippos, I love cherries.

5. Candy Land!! I loved this game with Lara (even in high school) and have enjoyed playing it during power outages in my adult years. But like Life, if the color you draw isn’t ahead of you at the end, you have to go backward. Who doesn’t want more candy??

What were your favorite games as a kid?