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My letter from Santa

December 19, 2011 2 comments

I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing this. I admit I’m doing so without his permission. But I’m guessing that Santa reads my blog and that’s how he knew I’d so appreciate hearing from him.

When I checked my mail on Saturday (as you know I love to do), there was a letter waiting for me with the return address “123 Reindeer Lane, North Pole.”

The letter offers such a concise year in review for me, and I thought others might enjoy hearing from the magical man themselves.

Dear Mary,

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve corresponded with you. I’ve been a little backed up with all the new children that have been coming in the world, but I didn’t want you to think that I hadn’t been keeping my eye on you through the years.

As I was checking my list for this year, I see that you’ve been very, very good and very, very busy.

I would like to say best wishes on your upcoming nuptials next year. I’m sure that you have picked a great man to spend the rest of your life with.

I also see that your nieces and nephews voted you their favorite aunt. That is quite an accomplishment.

Lastly on my list I see that you and your mother have been very close and making lasting memories throughout the year. That must have been one great road trip that you took together. Although the circumstances were not that great, it was nice that you could bond together.

My elves are pulling me away to get ready for my journey in a couple weeks. I don’t want you to worry about a thing this Christmas. Keep holding strong to the Christmas faith and I’ll take care of the rest.

Merry Christmas,

Santa Claus

We were about this old when Anne got her own letter from Santa.

In so few words, so many moments and emotions were captured. My engagement, of course. My relationship with my nieces and nephews (which only grew this year when Finn was sick…and when from the hospital he declared I was his favorite aunt). And the year of weddings and funerals – which included Mom and I driving from DC to Florida and back through South Carolina all in one weekend.

This has certainly been a year of major growth in my relationships with not just my old family, but also my new one that is forming as Charles and I prepare to become our own family.

Thank you Santa for all the reminders. And may all my readers and their families have the best Christmases this year!


The best things can be tiniest things

June 16, 2011 1 comment

Those who are regular readers know about my obsession with the mail.

Perhaps it comes from living in a large school district in a time before the internet. In the summers, my middle school friends and I would write each other letters. YES…letters, that go in the mailbox and take more than 24 hours to deliver.

Perhaps it comes from my favorite field trip in elementary school being to the post office. How often do you get to see what goes on behind the counter? And I was super cool because half way through, I got to wave at my dad who was sorting the mail in the pre-machine days.

Perhaps it comes from looking at Dad’s stamp collections or being allowed to pick out which stamps I liked best from the Philatelic catalog. Or from the time he attempted to teach me how to read a zip code bar code (I’ll never understand that one).

Anyway, I love it. And as soon as I moved away from home, I always loved Dad’s mail. Often it would simply be a scrap of paper (a page out of an old daybook, a page-a-day calendar page, a used envelope, a square of graph paper…). Whenever he saw something or thought something that reminded him of his children, he’d send the clipping or thought through the mail.

Recently while cleaning out my basement (which after almost two years still is not fully unpacked), I came across a couple of these notes. One (written on a daybook page) was about visiting the grandkids and going sledding with mom. Somehow through the hand-written words (so much more than through an email), I could connect with him and almost feel like I could hear him telling me about it.

Another one I found was a small square of paper tucked into a book. He gave me a coffee table book of photos from Time Magazine probably 10 years ago. The message couldn’t have been more relevant. It was almost eery.

When I started seriously dating Charles, I honestly was worried about what my father would think. Having grown up in the projects of south Boston, my father was jaded as a child on race issues. Being mugged on his birthday as a young boy did not help things. I can distinctly remember as a child, driving through not-so-safe sections of Boston or New York (in the days before power door locks)…my Dad would say “Ethnics” and we all knew to lock our doors and roll up our windows.

Perhaps not the most PC of things to do, but as children, we had no idea what “ethnic” meant.

I’m proud that as my dad grew as an adult, he met African-Americans who changed his early views. And I’m proud that when he met Charles, he did so with an open mind and let him be one of those people who reinforced that no matter our color, we all start as decent human beings on the inside.

Even if Charles didn’t find his jokes funny. (It’s ok Dad. He doesn’t laugh at my jokes either).

Yay! Junk mail!

June 13, 2011 Leave a comment


Why is junk mail not so “junky” when its wedding related? Three postcards in one day. Yowza!

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Packages! Yay!

Day before yesterday I got home to a small box in my mailbox.

Yay! It was my first wedding related purchase! What could it be? Maybe I’ll fill you in some other day 🙂

But for now, again, yay for mail!

What was your first wedding related purchase?

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Stopping Unsolicited Mail

March 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Last year I posted about how many credit offers I receive in a day, and what I did with the envolopes inside.

Sure the game is fun sometimes, but when receiving SIX offers from Citibank at one time…it’s getting to be a bit much!

Oh the wonders of Facebook! I posted about how much junk I was getting, and thankfully, my cousin Jeannine offered another solution!

The FTC lists on its website the numerous ways you can stop phone calls, emails, and yes! Even mail!

I’ve already visited this morning to stop both credit marketers and direct mail advertisers. I feel better already! (even though the junk will still show up for several weeks.)

I feel guilty for what this could do to the postal industry, but at least I’ll spend a lot less time taking out the recycling full of junk mail every week!

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Our Mission to Fight Junk Mail…And preserve Postal Rates!

August 10, 2010 3 comments

So, this was originally brought to my attention by my cousin Bob.

It seems that every week, I must be preapproved for $50K in loans. Do I have any interest in these? No. Do the constant letters drive me bonkers? Yes. I find them to be a huge waste of paper and resources.

But as the daughter of a postal worker, I LOVE mail. Not just receiving it you see, I love stuffing the mailbox knowing that by doing so, I am preserving the jobs of millions of people like my dad.

But the hikes in postage kill me.

These annoying pieces of mail I receive daily (yes, daily) usually include an annoying little envelope that, guess what? Is prepaid! So why not make use of them.

I love opening a whole batch of them, saving the envelopes, filling the envelopes with whatever other junk mail I have on hand (nothing with my name and address on it mind you) and putting them right back into circulation with the USPS.

It can’t be ignored that they make a TON of money off of these corporate accounts. And if they made more money by us using more of these pre-paid envelopes, maybe our private rates would stay lower? Who knows. But at least my recycling bin isn’t quite as heavy as it used to be!

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