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The year of the quilt…

May 15, 2012 2 comments

1. For a girl who loves yellow.

It all started in January when I decided to make ONE quilt.

Then people started having all kinds of babies, and I decided to make my nieces quilts, and I decided my wedding guest book should be a quilt…

And now I’m deep in the throes of the year of the quilt. To this point, I’ve averaged almost one per month. I’ve completely finished three and have finished all but the binding on one of them (it’s machine stitched on, I just have to do the hand sewing to the other side), and I’ve finished cutting the fabric for number 5 and have four completed squares.

For someone who usually starts and stops projects a dozen times before completing them, I’m doing pretty good. I also made 8 or 9 quilted rag bags while I was at it (that led to a week of bruised thumbs from all the cutting!). And a funky looking patchwork monster.

I just hope by the end of the year I haven’t totally burned myself out on quilting. It’s so exciting to see how patterns and colors meld together as I get closer to finishing things, but it’s easy to lose sight of that when working on something annoying (like cutting fabric, or hand stitching binding).

Thankfully, I think I only have two more quilts in the plans for this year, and one is baby-sized. But the other one is a queen. If I think I’ve been overwhelmed by the giant lap quilts…I’m a little scared of how intimidating a queen size quilt will be!

Funky monster. (I guess I didn’t take a picture of quilt 2. I didn’t love it and haven’t figured out what I’ll do with it.)

3. For a special little baby. This is one of my favorites quilts so far. The flannel was cozy and I loved the mix of fabrics.

4. My second large lap quilt. Still need to finish the binding.

5. The start of another lap-size one. I trimmed the pattern down a little since the squares were a lot more work than I expected! I’ve finished four squares. 24 to go!

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Checking our List

December 1, 2011 1 comment

Please forgive all the smudging out of info. But our guest list is already so large, I couldn't risk having every blog reader showing up at the reception too! (Though I'd love it if we could handle it)

And I’m sure we’ll be making these more than twice (we’ve already made copy changes. Thank goodness they weren’t all printed yet)!

Over Thanksgiving I finally got together with my sister to go over invitation design. Thinking of how many we have to make, I figured we should get an early start!

I found this design on another Stampin’ Up consultant’s blog, and seeing as my sister is also a consultant…score!

After ordering all our supplies in advance (we went with papers in daffodil delight and pear pizzaz) we got to work cutting and sticking.

To be more economical, I decided to go with a A1 size card instead of a larger one like I first saw in the blog. This way we got 4 cards per sheet of paper.

Because it was smaller, the little ribbon doo-dad didn’t look very good anymore. I think the swirls stand well enough on their own anyway.

Now to print, cut, and tape about 199 more! That will be a project for Christmas break.

Finished Projects, Old and New!

January 10, 2011 Leave a comment

This photo will be replaced when I remember to relocate my camera cable!

I realized over the weekend that I never blogged about my last two pillowcase dresses. And these are the ones I made completely by myself! Embroidery and all.

My favorite part about this whole project, I think, was when my cousin opened the present containing the dress for her daughter. I had used a pillowcase that came from my grandmother (hoping this would be extra special)…and to make it EXTRA extra special, my aunt immediately recognized the pillow case as one she had taken to college. I couldn’t have planned it better! It was also my favorite dress out of the bunch! (it’s the one in the middle of the photo at the linked blog.)


I mentioned last week about my Pay it Forward project for 2011…and over the weekend I succeeded in completing my first project for it! Yay for getting started early! It was actually rather easy since I’ve been making these felted balls for years with leftover yarn, but at least I was given a good reason to go ahead and string them into a finished project.

Pay it Forward!

And additionally, I started a birthday present (and am halfway done) for my sister-in-law whose birthday isn’t until February. Hopefully all weekends in 2011 can be this productive!

I would also like to take a chance to thank my boyfriend for my awesome phone for Christmas. The first photo (unless you’re reading this in the future and I’ve replaced it) was taken with my old sub-standard blackberry. The bracelet photo was taken with my new iPhone 4. Isn’t the difference amazing? The iPhone photos are actually able to be used!

Maybe I’m Glad I’m not an Architect…

January 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Life has been rather slow lately (not that I’m at ALL complaining!) so I didn’t have anything earth shattering to blog about today, so I figured I’d post an update on my gingerbread house post from December.

The day after Christmas is family day for my family. We tried getting together on Christmas eve one year, but it confused the kids way too much! Did they miss Santa? Was it already Christmas? Why were they getting so many presents?!?!

Christmas day, we feel, should be spent at home with your family. When we were kids, we had to be at Grandma’s house by noon for lunch. So that means waking up, opening presents quickly (but not before your siblings were up, you had slippers AND a robe on and you woke up Mom and Dad), eating breakfast, and then the worst part…

Choosing ONE toy to get to take to Grandma’s to show off to Will and Lara. Just one!

So here, happy Christmas. Here’s a bunch of toys, but you only get to play with one!

That’s cruel.

So we chose the day after so the kids could spend a relaxed day with their toys, siblings and parents.

However on the day after Christmas, at Granny’s house, my “Granny’s House” gingerbread house met it’s fate…

Yes, I’m still alive!! And you can get something for it!

January 5, 2011 3 comments

So I had every intention of starting the blog posts back up when I returned to work on Monday, but then I realized, hey, I have nothing to talk about that isn’t alreay old news! So rather than bore you, I left you hanging.

But ta-da!

I read half a billion (ok, I over-estimate) posts about new years and new goals, etc. But honestly, I sort of hate new years. Beginning maybe 5 years ago I went into it all jazzed and excited and “Next year will be great! It can’t get much worse than last year!”

But as you age, I’ve learned that yeah. Things CAN get worse!

New year’s to me is more of an arbitrary day where weird people drink a whole lot, stay up til midnight and then the party is over (yes, I was weird once too). It doesn’t hold any magical meaning for me anymore. Why wait for an arbitrary day to set goals when you can do that, well, any day?

Anyway…one of my goals (set today, not 4 days ago) was brought to my attention by a fellow Facebook friend. I think it’s such an awesome idea and a great way to get the creative juices flowing!

Alexandra posted: Make It Forward 2011….I promise to send something homemade to the first 5 people who leave a comment here. They must, in turn, post this and send something they make to the first 5 people who comment on their status. The rules are that it must be handmade and it must be sent to your 5 people sometime in 2011. Read carefully before you… comment!

I love it so much I did it in Facebook, and I’ll offer it to another 5 people via the bloggy world. If you blog, post a comment to this post and post a blog about Make it Forward, and if you’re in the first 5 (or only 5), I’ll make you something too!

I figured it’d be super duper easy peasy to whip up some knitted scarves or purses, sew an apron or make some jewelry, etc. …but then my male cousin (who makes fabulous pottery!) responded. Hrm…I may have to expand my “making” horizons!

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I should have been an architect

December 16, 2010 5 comments

I used to have dreams of being an architect. But in high school, the autoCAD class was offered at the same time as honors calculus (which seemed super dumb to me) and I was a math nerd, so I went for honors calculus…and slept through 90% of it.

In college, I noticed the architecture students staying in studio until 3 or 4 a.m. constantly. I loved my bed too much. Mmmmm…sleep.

Yes, my laziness helped me find my path in life and I’m not ashamed of it!

But now, give me a pile of gingerbread (even if 90% of the crackers are broken) and a pastry bag full of icing and wow. I’m a rockstar.

Maybe I’m not that good, but it sure is fun!

For some reason, my houses always tend to mirror the house I grew up in. Maybe it’s because I know it so well, maybe it’s because the Christmas colors make it easy to give it a green roof. This year, I went a little further and added Henry, the family dog, and his house in the backyard.

Those are gumdrop trees, ginger snap stepping stones, and Cadbury snowballs. Yum! Did you notice all the window lights in the windows?

Gretchen's church. Complete with a graveyard and a priest saying Mass.

The process is so much easier than you’d think. Start with a ton of candy and a box or two of graham crackers (we’ve learned that the Target brand ones are almost always all broken. Try a brand name!).

The real key to it is the right icing. To make four houses, we made 3.5 times the following recipe:

3 egg whites (one year I’ll get Gretchen to learn how to separate an egg!)
4 cups of powdered sugar (about one box)
1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar

Mix on low until it’s combined and wet, mix on medium for about 7 minutes. Last night was Gretchen’s first time using a KitchenAid mixer. I think she’s in love!

I just so happened to have four round pieces of cardboard left over from the slew of diaper cakes I made a few years ago. They were just perfect for bases for our houses (much easier than wrapping cracker boxes with aluminum foil as we did in the past).

Elena's first gingerbread house. A house for Santa Claus. Santa just landed and is a little sleepy.

This year we used piping bags for the icing. What a huge difference that made! It’s like using an edible glue gun!

My real house is of course a complete disaster today. Someone kept dropping the red hots and there are crumbs all over the floor. But I know my nieces and nephews will just love taking my house apart on the day after Christmas, so it was all well worth it! Maybe I’ll even teach them how to do it!





Angie's home of Farmer Gray. You know, where the Christmas party is.

O Christmas Tree

December 14, 2010 2 comments

I finally got my tree decorated yesterday (due in large part to not wanting to work on my final paper for class!).

I’m not a huge fan of the tree itself. If it weren’t for my allergies I’d have a real one because at least they smell pretty. but to me, the tree is really just a venue to hang some of my favorite things on. The ornaments are really where it’s at!

I’ve found it rather odd when I’ve run into people who buy ornaments. Other than to give to other people, I’ve never bought an ornament for myself before. My tree has no “theme” or cohesion to it, other than the fact that it’s a story of my life. From the “1980” ornaments I was given the year I was born to the very angel that tops the tree, every piece has a story behind it and a person who lovingly picked out that special ornament for me to have. And each year, I get to remember those special people and times in my life when I unpack the box and unwrap the carefully packed pieces.

Dee Dee's mice. They like to hang together on the tree so they don't get lonely. And they're always on the front. Anything with a face goes on the front. You wouldn't want anyone to miss seeing anything!

My angel made by DeeDee, when I was probably 4 or 5.

Not my first Christmas, but pretty close!

My baby ornament. I think also made by Dee Dee. And in thinking of Dee Dee, this one is also stored during the year in a small Parkay tub.

Pacman. Hand-crocheted by either our neighbor Irma, or Mary Steelman.

My prettiest ornament. I don't know that this one was mine to start with, but Mom gave it to me when I had my first tree of my own.

The first angel ornament my dad gave me as a teen. He always called me "Angel Face" and for quite a few years, gave me an angel ornament.

Another one from, you guessed it, Dee Dee. She seems to have had a thing for mice in the '80s.