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June 5, 2012 2 comments

In planning my wedding, I like to think I was somewhat not the “normal” bride.

There were no bridezilla moments.

I didn’t cry over trying to find the exact shade of green for my bridesmaids to wear.

Even when we ended up having to redo our invitations to make the announcements, I think I handled it rather calmly.

But a few details I did pay close attention to were my “somethings.”

Something old – Since I was going with a vintage feel for the wedding, several things fit that bill. What I finally decided to do was to tie to my bouquet the pocket watch Mom gave to Dad when they were dating. In it, Mom had inscribed “For those who love, time is not,” from Henry van Dyke’s “Time is” poem.

Time is
Too Slow for those who Wait,
Too Swift for those who Fear,
Too Long for those who Grieve,
Too Short for those who Rejoice;
But for those who Love,
Time is not.

Something new – My dress of course! Even the dress shopping experience was unconventional. No one cried. There was no screaming “This is the one!!” I actually had to go back with a bridesmaid because I doubted my decision the same night I tried the dress on.

No doubts anymore though. I can’t wait to get to wear the dress a second time. And I think I love it even more after I added sleeves to it.

If you look closely, you can also see the pocket watch.

Something Borrowed – Honestly, I can’t remember if Megan offered first or if I asked her if I could borrow it, but my “borrowed” something was my sister in law’s veil.

My mom wore her sister’s veil when she got married, so she didn’t have one for me to use. I remembered Megan’s veil being simple and ivory, so we kept that in mind as we went dress shopping.

What I hadn’t remembered was how beautiful the Irish lace on the veil was or how intricate tiny pearls were sewn into the lace. It only added to the excitement that the veil was packed away because of home renovations. Megan didn’t dig it out until the week before the wedding. I didn’t get to try it on until the very last minute. But it was perfect!

And in keeping with Irish tradition, Megan (a happily married woman) was there to put the veil on me on Monday morning.

Something blue – Originally, I thought of using a Silverado blue rosary that belonged to my father in my bouquet. But after reading the pocket watch inscription, I was sure I preferred to carry that. I also wanted to use it because I remember the care my father took when he wore the watch on special occasions. I knew if he had walked me down the aisle, the watch would have been with him. I needed it with me too.

Anyway, all this thought given to my father walking down the aisle, and I knew I’d need a hanky. But I didn’t want just any old hanky, I wanted my father’s hanky.

Sure enough, Mom had saved just a few of Dad’s handkerchiefs. I asked her if I could take one when I was home a few months ago because I wanted to embroider my wedding date on it in blue so that it could be my something blue.

She said no. She wanted to do it for me.

Some of the only tears I shed in the hours leading up to my wedding were when she gave me the box holding the hanky. It was as if Dad was talking directly to me when I lifted the lid and read “Angel Face.” It was perfect. And so much more special to me than the date alone would have been.

From that very moment on through the next day when I carried the hanky in my pocket, I knew he was with me.

My biggest fear leading up to my wedding was that I would miss my father so much that the emotion of that would overshadow the rest of the day. …That I’d burst into tears walking down the aisle with my brother because he wasn’t my father. …That I’d be sad at the reception because there was no father/daughter dance.

But amazingly, the complete opposite happened. Instead of being upset that he wasn’t there, it was as if I was overcome with how much he WAS there, and how proud he was on that day, and how happy he would want me to be.


Finished Projects, Old and New!

January 10, 2011 Leave a comment

This photo will be replaced when I remember to relocate my camera cable!

I realized over the weekend that I never blogged about my last two pillowcase dresses. And these are the ones I made completely by myself! Embroidery and all.

My favorite part about this whole project, I think, was when my cousin opened the present containing the dress for her daughter. I had used a pillowcase that came from my grandmother (hoping this would be extra special)…and to make it EXTRA extra special, my aunt immediately recognized the pillow case as one she had taken to college. I couldn’t have planned it better! It was also my favorite dress out of the bunch! (it’s the one in the middle of the photo at the linked blog.)


I mentioned last week about my Pay it Forward project for 2011…and over the weekend I succeeded in completing my first project for it! Yay for getting started early! It was actually rather easy since I’ve been making these felted balls for years with leftover yarn, but at least I was given a good reason to go ahead and string them into a finished project.

Pay it Forward!

And additionally, I started a birthday present (and am halfway done) for my sister-in-law whose birthday isn’t until February. Hopefully all weekends in 2011 can be this productive!

I would also like to take a chance to thank my boyfriend for my awesome phone for Christmas. The first photo (unless you’re reading this in the future and I’ve replaced it) was taken with my old sub-standard blackberry. The bracelet photo was taken with my new iPhone 4. Isn’t the difference amazing? The iPhone photos are actually able to be used!

Christmas Presents, Complete!

December 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Shirt #1. Post cut, pre-sewing (and ironing obviously)

So after only a few months (yeah right) of planning to make my nieces and cousins’ Christmas gifts, they’re finally done with only a few weeks to spare! (Ok, I’m not completely done, but the other two are technically for birthdays)

Enter, the pillowcase dress!

I hate cutting patterns so I cheated just a little bit. I did it sans pattern. When I was home over Thanksgiving I had two nieces stand up straight for me and I taped butcher paper to their backs. I traced about how long I’d need the dresses, and how large the arm holes should be. I fudged these to approximate the sizes of the other three girls, making shirts for the two oldest girls, and full length dresses for the younger ones.

Three done! Only two left.

The thing I love most about using the vintage cases, crocheted hems. There’s no way I would have been able to finish embroidering 5 pillowcases on my own, let alone crochet hems on all of them! I really think that makes the dress look more like a dress and less like a pillowcase.

Honestly, I have no excuse for not starting earlier. The first dress took me nearly an hour to sew, but that time was nearly cut in half once I knew what I was doing!

Something Fuzzy…

September 22, 2010 2 comments

My crib blanket, made by my Grand-Godmother Rita

The scavenger hunt theme for yesterday was “something fuzzy.”

Since I don’t have pets…that topic sort of stumped me. I also didn’t have time to get to the grocery store shoot a kiwi or peach or other fuzzy food. I thought of taking a photo of my boyfriend’s shaved head, but even that seemed like a cop out.

But to me, “fuzzy” also connotes something comfy. So when I got home I had the perfect subjects. My blankets.

I am a blanket whore. I couldn’t even tell you how many I have total because they’re stashed all over the house…in my r

oom…in  the basement…in the linen closet…in the living room. I have some that are totally sentimental, and some that I just have but can’t get rid of. I LOVE blankets.

And this love inspired my desire to make them for all of my nieces and nephews (granted, I didn’t realize I’d have 10!!).

Growing up, I had this blanket neatly folded in thirds and draped across the foot of my bed.

Because it was on MY bed, I always for some reason thought it was “mine.” Silly kid!

Actually, it was a wedding present made for my parents by Uncle Tom and Brenda. I have struggled for at least two years to try to figure out how on earth people crochet. I prefer knitting because the loops you grab are already on the needles. I could NEVER imagine crocheting this beautiful blanket and then still being dedicated enough to go back over it and cross stitch it! This thing is truely amazing to me with it’s neat little stitches.

This is what my family lovingly calls a “Giggie Blanket.” She must have made dozens of them. Everyone in the family had their very own up to all the great-great nieces and nephews that she ever met (and some she didn’t meet got extras we found when she died). Giggie made these after her eyesight got too bad to do regular needle work, but the holes in the canvas (I guess you’d call it a canvas?) were large enough she could still see them. Most of them feature varigated yarn…which I’ve never been a huge fan of…except in a Giggie blanket.

I like the idea of blankets giving warmth…but not only that. When they’re made by someone you love, I like the feeling that it’s bits and pieces of their love that warm you up.

Besides these few blankets that were made for me, I also treasure my embroidered blankets (like the bunny one I just finished) made by Aunt Ina (who wasn’t an aunt, but it took me years to figure that out!) and Giggie.

And of course my T-shirt quilt. Since nearly half the shirts were donated by family and cousins…that one has a LOT of love wrapped up in it!

Book Review, More Things to Make!

September 17, 2010 1 comment

I recently received my copy of “Stitched Toys: 20 Stunning but Simple Designs” (from of course).  This morning while my coffee brewed, I took the time to flip through it.

I’m in love! The toys are so beatiful! I want some for myself!

Now the only problem I’ll have is figuring out which one to make first. I think the Gonk is in the lead so far!

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Another Weekend of Finishing

September 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Normally, I would have thought I had a pretty lazy weekend. But thanks to this blog and trying to think of something to add after this long weekend, man I look productive!

Finishing was again a theme for the weekend. I love finishing things! Being able to empty that tub of cream cheese in the fridge and throw it out before it’s done…using up those millions of bottles of hotel shampoo I’ve inherited…finishing a project that had been set aside for a while…all of these bring me odd satisfaction.

Friday night, I was meeting up with some friends from college I haven’t seen in a long time. The boyfriend and I decided to head out early and get dinner before we all met up. Sometimes it’s nice to always know someone everywhere we go…sometimes it’s dangerous!


Not 10 minutes after we sat down, we had not just one…but TWO beer samplers. Now I love sampling some beer…but I don’t usually order 2.5 glasses all at once! But yes, I managed to finish it! (and more…)

Saturday night I headed to Times for Tawana’s MS Walk fundraiser. I knew I’d be there early and be there for a while, so I took a book I’d started reading one night there while keeping Charles company. Guess what? I finished it!

Sunday I finally finished moving. Yes, it’s been almost a year…but I had a few bags of stuff (all that stuff that didn’t deserve a box because yeah. I didn’t really want any of it).

One garbage bag was set aside for Goodwill and 80% of the rest of it was listed to my inventory. But I’m sure Charles is more than thankful that I’ve finally finished moving out of his house!

I also finally managed to take Dad’s old laptop to Microcenter to be fixed since I failed at getting the OS reinstalled. I was SO on track to being a self-proclaimed genius! But it kept freezing. Oh well. One more “to do” off the list!

Yesterday after finishing my homework, I also finished all of the cross stitch on the baby quilt I uncovered last month. It only took me years! Now all I have left are the outlines and low and behold…I might actually finish a baby gift before the baby is born!

Now if I could only finish putting away the rest of the crap I brought home from Charles’ house…

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Reclaiming Old Projects

August 17, 2010 2 comments

So, I started this blanket for niece/nephew number four or five. I pulled it back out this weekend and maybe I can finally finish it for number 10?

Part of my “save money” “save space” etc. movement has been to try to tie up all these loose ends of the sad sad projects that were begun and never finished.

And on Saturday, I succeeded in going into a needlepoint store and only spending 84 cents. Yep! That’s less than a dollar! I went in for floss for my pillowcases…I left with ONLY that floss. I totally deserve a prize for that! (And I can’t say I wasn’t tempted! They had amazing samplers!)

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