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Why have one flower girl when you can have three?

Brigid Grace

Today’s featured members of the “party”…my flower girls.

Originally, I had figured I wouldn’t have any child attendants. With 10 nieces and nephews, how was I supposed to pick just one girl and boy to be in my wedding? That’s like making a parent pick their favorite child. Or asking me to pick my favorite cheese. It just can’t be done!

When I expressed this to my brother and his wife, my brother said, “Why not just have all three girls be flower girls? When else in their young lives will they have this chance?”

He made a good point. I’m the last single aunt/uncle the kids have. I never got to be a flower girl…why shouldn’t they get to be one?

Mariah Lee

And so now, I have three flower girls! (Why not? It’s my wedding and I can do whatever I want, right?)  Three are always better than one (when it comes to good things. Like cheeses.)

First, the oldest is Brigid Grace. My brother’s second oldest child. She’s promised from the time she was about 3 that she’d take care of me when I get old. The very least I could do in return is ask her to be in my wedding!

Second, is Mariah Lee, my sister’s only daughter. She’s the only girl that’s been in a wedding before (my cousin Jill’s last April). She loves dressing up in frilly dresses and dancing (she’s a champion step dancer!) so she’d be just perfect for the role!

Maire Róisín

And lastly, Maire Róisín. Although my brother would claim none of his children were named “after” anyone…I claim Maire as my first namesake (their youngest, Frankie, is the second).

All three girls are as adorable and sweet as can be. They’re incredibly special to me, and I hope they’ll see this day as something incredibly special in their lives!

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