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Weekend of Friends and Fun!

October 4, 2010 4 comments

Angie dancing with her uncle

This weekend was full of more things I don’t usually do…but most importantly, Fun with Friends!

My Seester celebrated our upcoming birthday (today is my last day as a twenty-something!) with line dancing on Friday night. I’m not even going to pretend that is something I excel at… But it was fun and something different to do!

Saturday I contentedly spent the day on my couch. That is until my friend Kt asked me to come get her and go out. I’d thought about going in to Times for my homecoming weekend…but wasn’t totally feeling it. Since Kt brought it up, I had her meet me at my house and we went in (I didn’t tell her about the homecoming thing until we were safely in the car!).

I was exhausted by yesterday, but the nights out were probably totally needed and were well appreciated! I have some great friends 🙂

I even managed to be somewhat of a productive adult on Saturday…going to the Post Office and the grocery store…both before noon!

Since I had food on hand, I whipped up some pizza ala Gretchen for the weekend. I have to say it was rather tasty for such an easy meal: Pilsbury crust, fire roasted tomatoes, mozzerella cheese, mushrooms and spices. Yum!

Kt totally appreciated it after our night out drinking!


Something Yummy = Brinner!

October 1, 2010 2 comments

On Monday, I think my Boyfriend was out to win significant other of the year. On his day off, he picked up my laptop from Microcenter for me, ordered a new screen for my back window (a year in the making) and even got to my house before me and cleaned!

On top of that, he made breakfast for dinner. Perhaps my favorite meal!

On the menu was green eggs (scrambled eggs with spinach and goat cheese), hashbrowns (made from actual potatoes and onion…not from a bag), bacon (topped with honey before it was baked), english muffins with DeeDee’s plum jam, and orange pineapple mimosas. Even a mango for dessert.

And if dinner wasn’t quite enough, he also showed up with flowers!

Something “Cool” – Seesters

September 30, 2010 3 comments

Which is which?

About a year after I started my first job out of college, a new girl joined the staff.

She was from Iowa. I’d only ever met one other person from Iowa. Weird.

But once we started getting to know each other, we realized we shared a birthday. Not only the “day”…but the same year…at approximately the same time of day (however she was born a timezone or two west of me, so that made me older!).

It wasn’t too long before the writer who sat next to me started referring to us as “Seesters.” We’d laugh and have fun together…throw things at each other, you know, normal things for an office.

But the relationship got even weirder this week! My “seester” posted photos to Facebook of when she was a kid…and wow. We really could have been sisters!

Over the past, well, 25ish years we’ve changed enough that it wasn’t apparent before, but something about that sly smile in the picture of her reminded me so much of myself!

So here’s to you seester…especially as we approach our 30th birthday!

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New Art!

September 29, 2010 1 comment

Today’s scavenger hunt just happened to be “art.” And luckily this weekend I got some new pieces from my niece and nephews!

My favorite is this portrait of Bridgie, me and Granny. We love how Granny is jumping for joy!

And I was so impressed that Brigid got the color of my eyes right! (Although hers are the same color as mine and Granny’s are blue.) I also love Granny’s gray curly hair! This morning, it was posted on the wall of my office between my family’s 1984 Olan Mills portrait and my picture of the Pope shaking my hand. Very prominent placement if you ask me!

I also got a collection of modern paintings. I’m running out of room on my wall though (eek!) so these might have to wait to go into rotation.

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F is for…

September 28, 2010 2 comments

First Communion and Family!

My brother and his wife recently moved into my mother’s house with his five (6 this winter!) kids. Until Mom’s new house is finished, it’s quite a full house!

As part of this process, Mom has gone through everything she owns, which in turn means…more and more piles for my sister and I of stuff we had when we were kids that continued to hang out in the house.

My sister-in-law presented me with a HUGE box for my birthday. Inside of it was a few pieces of clothing from when I was little…some kids books (including Caps for Sale, which was one of my favorites. Those crazy monkeys!) and other bits and pieces of my life.

My neices were of course mesmerized by my First Communion veil. Mom did a great job when she picked it out!

I was mesmerized by how tiny my dress was. I always thought of myself as a stocky kid (probably because my older sister was teeny)…but I realized the dress was quite small when my 7 year old niece couldn’t even get it over her head!

I can still remember Mom spending hours pulling little bits of pink ribbon out of the sleeves and collar of the dress. She had the hardest time finding something that she thought would be appropriate (little did she know of the wedding dress style dresses girls would wear these days!). But Sister said there was to be NO color on the dress. I was so worried about the pink ribbon that remained down the center of the front.

I was the shortest girl in my class so I was the first one to line up for the procession into the church and the first one to receive. I was also supposed to give a two sentance opening prayer. I almost jumped out of my shoes when Sister had to tap me on the shoulder to remind me to get to the front of the church to recite that prayer. I was so nervous!

Scavenger Hunt Catch up!

September 27, 2010 2 comments

I have several words to catch up with for the scavenger hunt, and I’m sure I’m not going to be able to hit them all today!

Thursday’s word was “sweet.” I’d pretty much written off getting that one accomplished, but YAY! I got my first birthday cake!

My brother and sister found it rediculous that I would get a birthday cake when my birthday isn’t even in September, but not knowing when I’d be home again, my mother wasn’t about to let me possibly miss out!

I celebrated Saturday night with my mom (cutting the cake), Grandee and my brother’s family. The cake was scrumptious – cinnamon swirl cake with cream cheese icing. Yum!

Friday’s word was bugs. Thanksfully there were no bugs in my cake! I would have had a photo of a bug…if only mom hadn’t swept the dead stink bug out of the car door handle when I screeched “Ew! A bug!”

The word for the weekend was “Fall.”

This photo isn’t super accurate on the word “fall”…but it’s one of my favorite places once the leaves do change (if they do much this year with this drout).

This location is one place along my ride home where it becomes so evident that I’m getting away from the city and into the beautiful valley. And hitting it at sunset is just a bonus!

Today’s word was “water.” Yesterday, my mom and a friend came with me to the Occoquan Fall Festival. It was a bit rainy in the morning, but the day ended up being perfect for walking around with smells of barbecue and funnel cakes swirling around us.

We took a break from the festival-ness to sit down for lunch at Madigan’s. It was a soothing break to sit on the water and watch the river boats go by.

Tomorrow’s topic is the letter F. I already have a blog in mind. But I’m sure no one will guess what I use that starts with F!

The Scavenger Hunt…Bridges

September 23, 2010 Leave a comment

The Occoquan, 14th Street, American Leagion, Woodrow Wilson, Memorial, Roosevelt, Chain…

All of these bridges are within about 25 miles of my house.

I never realized the amazing power that bridges have over people until I moved to the DC Metro area.

People approach these bridges and some little switch goes off in their head.


A Bridge!!

We MUST slow down!

If we don’t slow down, Bob Marbourg will have nothing to talk about during Traffic and Weather Together on the 8s!!

Must cause traffic!!!!

Nine times out of ten, there’s no reason for the traffic on the bridges. There just seems to be this certain force that they have over people to drive at least 10 miles under the speed limit. What sort of power can it be?