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Favorite Planning Tool Number 2

May 26, 2011 4 comments

So I already spilled it about how much I loved the google doc to create my guest list (and I’ve already filled it! and started on the addresses). My next favorite love is

Have you ever seen something online that you love, but you aren’t near a printer and don’t want to fill up your bookmarks tab with things you may or may not go back to?

I have loved pinterest for this.

The site is free to join (but there is a short waiting list to get an account…but if you get invited by a current member I believe the wait is shorter…let me know if you need this!).

I’m currently obsessed with glass for centerpieces (wine bottles recycled into candles, vintage bottles as vases, etc.).

I love that I can gather all these ideas in one place, in color, and categorize them however I wish. All without wasting a single piece of paper!

What tools did you love when you were planning your wedding?


Signs of Spring!

April 15, 2011 1 comment

Spring is all around us now!

Today is Odyssey Day at the University – the day that all the accepted students and their parents come to visit to see if they’ll decide to go here or not. Like freshly hatched baby chicks, these future freshman scurry about campus full of excitement and wonder.

Each year, much like spring, it’s a reminder to me of new beginnings and fresh hope.

The signs are also evident to me each day as I leave my house. There are buds on the azalea bushes, blossoms falling from my giant pear tree, and finally this week, two yellow tulips blooming in my flower bed (two out of 12 bulbs planted, but at least there’s SOME color this year!)

Other fun things to prove it’s spring – I went to my sixth Nationals opening day game (I have yet to miss one). I love hometown baseball.

Charles and I had our first outdoor happy hour last week. It got a little chilly, but we couldn’t resist a bacon themed happy hour. We were willing to be a little cold in order to get a seat!

What are your favorite things about spring?

Is it Spring Yet?

February 24, 2011 1 comment

So, another joy of home ownership…who knows what’s growing my flower bed?

Last spring, bulbs sprouted green stuff…but (I think because of the Presidents’ Day snow) they never bloomed. So I STILL have no idea what’s planted there (other than my dahlias Mom planted, but because of the heat, they never bloomed either).

I still have hopes of walking out in the morning and, POW! Color coming out of my yin-yang!

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