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Easy Dinner – Thanks TJs! Gnocchi, sausage and peas. Oh My!

August 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Tuesday night I wasn’t feeling all that great (which led to me being sick yesterday) so I was looking for a super simple dinner. When I made coffee that morning, I noticed I had gnocchi on hand. I’d had a craving for spaghetti, so close enough, right?

I had frozen a pack of chicken sausages from Trader Joe’s and always try to keep a can of tomatoes on hand.

I boiled the gnocchi (all of their pillowy goodness).

Meanwhile, I defrosted the sausages and threw them on the Forman Grill.

In a saucepan, I heated the tomatoes (which I sliced) and added some corn starch to thicken it a bit (tomato paste is better, but I don’t tend to remember to buy it often!). I added a tablespoon of basil and 1 cup frozen peas.

I’ve loved pasta with peas ever since the pasta bar in college. My go to was half red/half white sauce, with mushrooms and peas. Yum! How I managed to lose weight in college and not gain I’ll never really understand!

I topped the finished gnocchi with half a cup of sauce and a sliced sausage. And yum! A total comfort food dinner for about 300 calories, 7 grams of fat and 4 grams of fiber.


Pasta with Caramelized Fennel and Veggies

July 23, 2010 3 comments

Lauren's picture is much prettier than mine! My final product picture didn't do it justice.

So I finally cooked this week. Last night I tackled Healthy-Delicious‘ Pasta with Caramelized Fennell and Summer Vegetables.

I was drawn to it because it wasn’t over-complicated and the ingredients were easy enough to buy this time of year. And strangely, I’ve sort of been craving fennel lately. Weird thing to crave if you ask me!

I had a lot of the staples on hand (pasta, olive oil, spices) and spent less than $14 picking up the veggies, cheese and pesto. $14 for four servings…not bad at all in my book!

I had about 6 oz. of Trader Joe’s Organic Vegetable Radiatore on hand so I used that (and with a tiny less pasta, lowered the Weight Watchers Points value of the meal by nearly two points. Thanks Lauren for posting the nutritional info on your recipes!).

Look at all those Veggies!

I’m a HUGE fan of veggies in pasta. Pasta with mushrooms and peas was one of my favorite meals in college (and the only thing I would change about this recipe is to add more peas!). And let’s face it, I love a great excuse to bring out the Cutco knives and practice my chopping and dicing skills!

With prep and cooking this recipe took an hour or less to prepare.

I’ll apologize now for my horrible quality photos that I’ll be posting until I find the charger for my camera battery. It’s awful that I moved nearly a year ago already and I still can’t find things!

Hopefully this weekend will be a much better weekend as far as staying on track with the healthy eating since I have three more HUGE servings of this dish waiting for me in the fridge.

Happy cooking everyone!