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Checking our List

Please forgive all the smudging out of info. But our guest list is already so large, I couldn't risk having every blog reader showing up at the reception too! (Though I'd love it if we could handle it)

And I’m sure we’ll be making these more than twice (we’ve already made copy changes. Thank goodness they weren’t all printed yet)!

Over Thanksgiving I finally got together with my sister to go over invitation design. Thinking of how many we have to make, I figured we should get an early start!

I found this design on another Stampin’ Up consultant’s blog, and seeing as my sister is also a consultant…score!

After ordering all our supplies in advance (we went with papers in daffodil delight and pear pizzaz) we got to work cutting and sticking.

To be more economical, I decided to go with a A1 size card instead of a larger one like I first saw in the blog. This way we got 4 cards per sheet of paper.

Because it was smaller, the little ribbon doo-dad didn’t look very good anymore. I think the swirls stand well enough on their own anyway.

Now to print, cut, and tape about 199 more! That will be a project for Christmas break.

  1. My Delicious Life
    December 7, 2011 at 1:01 pm

    The invitations look great 😀

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