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The start of DIYs

This weekend I got a head start on my DIY projects.

First, I headed to home depot to figure out how to cut wine bottles. Not as easy as one would think! The most helpful guy I found was the paint mixer man. What paint has to do with glass I’ll never know!

I found the one tool they had, got some masking tape to help guide me to make straight lines, and some rough sandpaper to dull the sharp edges.

Easy enough, right?

Wrong. Method number one of scoring a line, then using really hot and really cold water to make the bottom “pop” off failed. I could have achieved the same result by smashing the bottle into my counter.

On to fabric. That I know how to cut!

I had two livingsocial coupons to G Street Fabric that were about to run out, so I figured (in addition to getting stuff to finish Giggie’s quilt) I could do something wedding-y with that. I am a rock star at cutting 5 inch squares. Why can’t glass be that easy to cut?

Stay tuned to find out what they’ll become!

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