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Looking Back…Does it have to be over?

October 4, 2012 2 comments

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I have to be honest with myself. I’m pretty sure I’ve stayed away from blogging for so long because I knew that the moment I started posting recaps would be the moment that I was admitting my wedding celebration was over.

But I’ve already cleaned any wedding apps off of Facebook, deleted my wedding boards on Pinterest, and pretty much stalked the profiles of every one of our wedding attendees to make sure I haven’t missed seeing any photos they’ve posted (and believe me, that took some time!)

And since no new photos have been posted for a while…I guess it’s time to look back!

Honestly, after planning our wedding the way we did, I don’t know why anyone in their right mind chooses to have their wedding and reception on the same day!

We were so calm on both mornings. I can’t imagine having tried to go to the church before the reception and still staying that calm.

Photo by Summer. The drums scared Leo. He got the best seat in the kid parade.

We got to spend even more time with our bridal party members and closest family members by having two events.

Best of all, I got to wear my dress TWICE! (For the record, I had a dress to change in to when I got uncomfortable…I never got uncomfortable. I didn’t take my wedding dress off until I got tired of kicking the bustle out of the way because the cheapie ribbons they charge you way too much money for wouldn’t stay attached).

Photo by Summer. Evidently, I was supposed to dip the other way.

Overall, it was just a wonderful excuse for us to be reminded of how blissfully happy we were on May 28…and to share it with about 300 of our closest friends and family members!

Our day wasn’t perfect, there were a few bumps in the road leading up to the reception (replacement bartenders called in, tent rentals being super late, scared kids in the kid parade, I botched the dip at the end of our first dance and Charles nearly dropped me…). But we were already married. What was the worst that could happen if everything didn’t go right?

And several “mistakes” made for lovely photos, and even better memories that we’ll never forget!

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