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Less than 200 sleeps

Well, not counting naps. My naps are very important!

But in less than 200 days (197 or 198 depending on which countdown you use) Charles and I will be getting married. YAY!

But honestly, I think we’ll be ready way ahead of that date. In the last month or so we’ve planned so much more.

We’ve finished meeting with my local priest (we still have to plan the actual ceremony at the church we’ll get married at). We ordered rentals, set our catering menu (if you want it, we’ll most likely have it), ordered flowers (and saved a woman from a burning house), found a sound guy for the band and DJ, booked a photographer, registered, blocked hotel rooms, found bridesmaid dresses…Can you see why I haven’t found time to blog?!

Hopefully now that almost everything is done I can get back to filling you guys in on everything.

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  1. eileen o'brien poole
    March 1, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    the best part of getting so much done ahead is that you can enjoy the count down … we had such fun with jeannine’s count down for that very reason. love to both of you.

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