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248 Days…And still discovering things to do

Yesterday was clearly the most productive day I’ve had in ages, and most of it had to do with wedding planning.

Since Charles is now fully invested in a new business venture, his schedule couldn’t be more flexible. And I had a day off, so on a whim we decided to go look at hotels for our guests to stay at for the wedding.

After visiting three hotels (and making blocks at each. Do you remember how many guests we’re inviting??), we met Mom for a late lunch at Castiglia’s. The owners would be catering our reception, and they just so happened to both be in the shop.

This led to a menu discussion.

We approached this thinking, “We’ll just see what they have available and go from there.”

Wrong! We sat down and they said, “What would you like? We can do anything!”

Payton LOVES the veal at Castiglia's!

After a two plus hour discussion, our menu was set. Sort of. We can still change our minds and know that even up until the week of, Victor may decide to add in something else. But we got the basics down and have a good mix of meat, seafood, and veggie dishes for our guests.

In the midst of that discussion, we realized some of the details we’d forgotten about.

First, car porters.

We have plenty of parking available for guests, but we hadn’t even thought about having people (and signs) on hand to direct people where to go. Since they’re parking in a 10 acre field, maybe we should give them a little help, no?

Second, clean up. We had thought of this earlier, but hadn’t discussed it in ages. My brother and mom are being kind enough to let us have the reception on their land. We certainly don’t want to leave them to have to clean up that night or the next day!

Third, speaking of clean up, trash cans. Oy. How can we forget about trashcans?

As much as the meeting was about food, I left it with a long list of other items to take care of.

On the way out of town, Charles figured we could use a drink (what a long day!) so we decided to check out a few rehearsal dinner options. Out of the four major bars downtown, two were closed. Well that narrowed it down!

We ended up going with the fourth option, the one that was at the bottom of my list because of what I figured the cost would be…and I was right!

But you know what, we only do this once. It’s by far the nicest venue of the four and our guests will enjoy the choice.

So much done in one day! But so much more to do!

  1. gretchen
    January 10, 2012 at 9:30 am

    i can’t wait to eat all that food!

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