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Thankgiving Recap/Christmas Ornament Making

While most people are clamoring for the recipe box in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, I’m scouring DIY blogs for easy craft projects.

I’ve learned that I can usually escape the heat of the kitchen by offering to help keep the kids out from under foot.

There are a few rules though.

1. Projects have to appeal to all kids between the ages of 4 and 10.

2. They must be easy enough to complete in the time it takes the younger kids to nap.

Stuffin Muffins. Genius idea!

3. They should be minimally messy.

4. The fewer/cheaper the supplies the better.

5. No glitter! (Have you seen a 5 year old with glitter? If you have, chances are you’re still seeing glitter everywhere.)

In the pas we’ve made hand turkeys, snowmen made out of styrofoam balls, and flowers made out of yarn pom poms and straws.

My brother’s kids LOVE giving people gifts, but rarely (if ever) do they spend money on them. They’re usually homemade cards, books, or paintings.

I thought maybe this year at Thanksgiving, we could make something for them to give to people for Christmas.

Enter the glass ornaments!

Yes, glass could be dangerous around this many young children. But I’m happy to report that only one ball was lost in the making of this project.

I was a little scared about using acrylic paint, but given that it goes INSIDE the ball and not on the outside, I was a little more at ease.

After dressing in my sister-in-law’s old T-shirts and covering the school table with butcher paper, the kids and I got to work.

I’d previously rinsed the inside of glass balls with alcohol. Once dry (well, almost), I showed them how to squeeze just a little (emphasize little or they take forever to dry!) paint into the top of the ball and roll it around until the paint won’t run anymore. (Also emphasize to keep the open end up!)

The 7 and 9 year olds did this project completely on their own. I squeezed the paint for the 5 year old and he rolled it around himself. The 3 year old was pretty disinterested (I think she didn’t want to take off her pink shirt to wear one of mommy’s big shirts). She would tell me what color to put in balls and I made hers myself.

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