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Birthday Artwork

My brother’s kids are always very enthusiastic about gift giving. And 90% of the time, their gifts are artwork.

This year for my birthday, Finn drew me a rainbow, and Joseph colored me a picture of an ant (get it?) blowing out candles on a cake.

Joseph also drew this picture of the family wishing me a happy birthday.

I guess Granny (withe the gray hair) and Megan are attempting to get Maire down the stairs for the party. Already downstairs is Joseph, Frankie (with a lollipop), a hairless Finn (screaming “I want that!” Can we tell somebody is jealous?), Leo with his hair sticking up, Brigid, Me (with a super long arm so I can pat and console Finn), Charles (who is very tall) and Doug. I think Joseph thinks his dad is a dork.

Brigid also drew a picture of me, Granny and the kids, and I’m super impressed with how accurate hers is! It really looks like us! And she even drew Frankie sitting down since he doesn’t stand yet.

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