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What to do…What to do…

Well, being less than a year from the wedding, there’s plenty to do!

Some brides swear by theknot.com, but honestly, all I’ve used them for so far is their wedding checklist. I love how thorough it is and that things disappear when I check them off.

While at our last wedding, we hit the 11 month mark. Somehow that made it clear to me that time is ticking away! We don’t have a year left anymore. We are counting in months now. I started feeling a bit overwhelmed and hit my DIYs in progress like a mad woman on Monday.

So what do we need to do in the next two months?

  1. Plan a menu (we booked the caterer. Just have to figure out what to serve!).
  2. Set up the final three meetings with the priest we’re preparing with. Technically we don’t HAVE to do this in the next few months, but we think it would help to get it done early so we don’t have to scramble to fit in his schedule when we’re more stressed closer to the date.
  3. Shop for my dress. I’ve figured out when I’m going for the first time (December), but I need to book appointments.
  4. Finalize the guest list and start gathering addresses. This should be fun. My side is fairly complete in this regard, but I’d bet a dollar Charles doesn’t even own an address book.
  5. Look into rentals. This will be huge. We have to get the whole location – tents, tables, chairs, linens, a stage of some sort, lighting. Ugh. I get heartburn imagining all this and what it will cost. Luckily, it’s Charles’ responsibility. I just have to encourage him to do it.
  6. Look into florists. This shouldn’t be too hard. We’re going with daisies and wildflowers to be more economical. The cost still scares me since they’re “wedding” flowers.
  7. Related to the last one, finish the project I’m working on for the flower girls. I think I finally have it figured out. Maybe.
  8. Finish a DIY project for the flower girls and bridesmaids gifts
  9. Start working on invitations. I’ll bring in the trusty sister for this one!
  10. Research photographers. I have a few ideas in mind, but again, the cost scares me…
  11. Start a registry. The Knot says to do this 9-11 months out. I think we might be waiting until closer to the date. I’ve heard horror stories of people starting registries too early and having 80% of their items be discontinued when new items come out.

Although it’s overwhelming that I have so much to do with less than a year left, it makes me even more thankful we gave ourselves more than a year to prepare. At least our lives won’t have to be all wedding all the time.


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