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A “Nothing” Weekend

Remember how right after I got engaged a took a month off from blogging and did my best to avoid any planning during that time?

I’ll always be glad that I did, to revel in the “I’m engaged!” glow of it all.

Now, more than four months later, I’m realizing those breaks need to come more often and regularly through the wedding planning process.

Charles and I talked last week about how we hadn’t really had a “date” night/day in a long time. Sure we’d spent time together, but with everything else going on in our lives, we’d spend a day together and I’d pass out on the couch for hours…or we’d have a “date” of dinner following a pre-cana meeting with the priest. Sure it was time together, but it wasn’t really “quality” time. It wasn’t like the fun dates we used to have!

Somehow both of us managed to encounter a holiday weekend where we had nothing else planned. No weddings, no picnics, no obligations. For either of us.

And it was great! Sure, we did do a little wedding talk here and there, but it was just us. Not someone else meeting with us and pointing us to what we should talk about (which is great, but can be rather anxiety-inducing!).

We had a leisurely lunch on a restaurant patio on Sunday, ran a few errands, even had time for me to take a nap, and met up with friends for dinner and drinks. For no reason at all except we wanted to! Then yesterday we did some sorting/shredding/trashing of documents to clean out Charles’ office and went out for a simple lunch/dinner (lunch for him, dinner for me since I don’t do meals at 9 p.m.!).

And we both attempted to share something new with the other. I invited him to help me finish a puzzle I started a couple weeks ago during the hurricane. (It didn’t last long. He started cursing at the pieces for not fitting and I asked him to stop before his blood pressure got to high). And later, he helped me join my first ever fantasy football team with my sister’s family.

It was so nice to not have to rush to anything and to just do what we wanted to do. And I finally did get that puzzle finished!

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