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And this is why God created cubicles

This was during a rare break when a couple of people were out for an assignment. We've had at least 5 people sitting around this table at most times.

On Tuesday when the earthquake hit the east coast, it rattled a little bit more than our emotions. When we instinctively evacuated our building, we noticed a large block of limestone had popped out from the middle of one of the chimneys on our 100+ year old building, and slid down the roof.

On later inspection, our facilities department found another chimney that would need to be taken down, and so everyone in our building was relocated to other areas of campus.

My office is currently working from a board room in the president’s office (which is also his residence). This has been…interesting to say the least.

We’re a very “open door” sort of office and are used to working closely with one another…but not THIS close!

We’re all half afraid to talk for fear of bothering one another. We’re afraid to eat anything too crunchy or too stinky for fear of offense. It’s just weird.

We’re dreaming of the day we get walls or cubicles back!

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