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Lessons in Relativity

I think it’s an understatment for me to say that this week has been crazy.

But in all of it, there have been several lessons in how all things are relative.

Friday night, shortly after the doctors told us Finn most likely has lymphoma, another family was brought in to use the bed on the other side of the curtain in Finn’s room. The family arrived, and they were a mess. The mom was hysterically crying, the boy screamed whenever anyone touched him. It was a crazy time.

Part of me thought this was insane. We just heard a little boy had cancer. Our half of the room was calm and collected so as not to frighten him.

The other boy had hit a tree riding a bike. His jaw was broken, but they’d cleared him of any injuries to his head and neck. I had to remind myself many times that all things are relative. This mother was in shock and upset and rightly so. But at the same time, her son would be fine. He did not have cancer.

Yesterday, our world was shaken, once again. And quite literally.

The east coast went crazy when the 5.8 scale earthquake hit. While the news went crazy and twitter and Facebook nearly blew up with tweets and posts about what people experienced.

Of course people on the west coast thought we were all insane. A piddly 5.8? They eat them for breakfast!

But…in all relativity…this earthquake was felt by the most people out of any earthquake in US history. Of course we’re going to talk about it and share our experiences. But while we were talking about them, few people didn’t also mention Japan and/or Haiti. It did remind of how minor this was compared to how it could have been.

I’ve alway attempted to not blow things out of proportion and to try to be level headed. Things like this week’s events remind me that everything is relative to every person. Sure everyone deserves a chance to freak out, but they might also keep in mind that at least we weren’t trapped in our houses, and that maybe when you do feel like freaking out, you might wonder if the person next to you is silently dealing with much more difficult news.

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