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Being a Godparent

Cousins' Day, 2009

When my brother asked me to be godmother to his third child, I was of course overjoyed.

“How fun!” I thought. I could spoil him and buy him special presents and have a special bond with him. All the joy of having a kid, but with the option of giving him back to Mom and Dad if he got too rowdy.

That perspective changed yesterday when I heard he was on his way to a children’s hospital for surgery. Not my Finn!!

I can never imagine what a parent feels when it’s their own child, but I was distraught imagining my poor “buddy” on his way to his first hospital visit. Was he scared? Was he crying? Was he taking it all in stride like the special guy he is?

When he got to the hospital, his McWit was still in tact. “Are these your parents?” a nurse asked. “No. I picked them up in the parking lot. My parents are at home.”

Not bad for a five year old.

Thankfully he pulled through ok and was awake (though sore and groggy) this morning. But it absolutely broke my heart to see him so sleepy and quiet. He is not exactly a quiet kid!

But to hopefully help him feel better, I left him my wubby (a teddy bear my grandma gave me when I was 10) and I hope they can comfort each other for the next 20 years.

I have to think that I’d be as concern and distraught over any of my nieces and nephews being sick…but Finn really is my “buddy.” We stick together. And I think it was harder for me to see him sad this morning than it would be with the other kids. But I know my buddy will be alright. He’s feisty.

And I’m super impressed with the Linus Project blanket he got at the hospital in Winchester. Whoever made it is an angel. It’s gorgeous and super snuggly.

  1. August 19, 2011 at 1:58 pm

    “’Are these your parents?’ a nurse asked. ‘No. I picked them up in the parking lot. My parents are at home.'”

    LMAO! Sounds like he’s got the right spirit to get him back to healthy asap! Still sending prayers for you and the family.

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