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Charles and I had our third meeting with the priest yesterday. Yay! Halfway done with that process!

The meeting centered on going over our results to the FOCCUS test that we took a couple of weeks ago.

Heading into the meeting, Charles was more worried than I was.

“I bet we aced it,” I told him.

Sure enough, after dating for six years and being very open with each other…and by not jumping into an engagement (and spending months talking about our goals and plans)…we got the test back with a 95% agreement between not only us, but also the expected (or right) answers.

Some of the ones we differed on were as simple as word choice. We might have read a question differently because it used the word “specific” or “not under any circumstances.” I, being the skeptic, disagreed with any ultimatum-type questions.

One question, even the priest disagreed with the “expected” answer. “There any habits of my partner that annoy me.”

Well, of course! No one is perfect!

But evidently the test expects you to be so in love you might overlook your future spouse’s nail biting or constant need to be right.

Like most couples, we scored lowest in the finance section. But again, that was due to word choice. “We have decided what specific roles we will each play in financial matters.”

Well, no, we haven’t decided “specifically.” But we don’t live together and I don’t know that we can decide who will do what, “specifically” until we can actually join our finances.

But overall it was a good meeting. Nothing surprising, but obviously showing that we think about things in different ways and have found ways to agree on things that might not always be black and white.

And as usual, I was right 🙂

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