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What a difference a day makes

Like most people, when I started planning our wedding I just assumed it would be on a Saturday. Isn’t that when most weddings are held?

But then Charles suggested we consider a Friday.


1. Rentals will be cheaper

2. We don’t have to feel rushed to fit everything into two days

3. Hotels could be cheaper for our guests

4. It will be less likely that guests will have another wedding also scheduled the same day as us

5. What a great way to kick off a weekend!

At first, it seemed like an obvious choice. But then I started thinking about my guests. Would people really want to take a day off work for us? For those (like my brothers) who run their own businesses, would it be worth missing a day of pay to close down for the day? For those traveling, would they really want to travel on a Thursday to get to the wedding?

But it seems from asking people, that the answer to all the above questions is a resounding “yes”. Sure it might be a pain to miss one more day of work, but for the people closest to us that truly love and support us, we’re worth a day.

And my brother has promised to at least close for a half day in order to give me away. He HAS been waiting 30 years to get rid of me!

So we’ll see if a Friday is possible.

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