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You know you’re a good aunt when…

Waiting to run home!

You spend two of the hottest days of the year watching your nephew play an all star baseball tournament!

Let me tell you, awnings over the bleachers are the BEST invention ever!

My brother-in-law asked me last week if he and his nephew could spend a night with me. Aaron is on a traveling all star team this year (yay!) and their final tournament was coming to Arlington. Yay for me!

I met them Friday night for the first game of the series (The Winchester Crush crushed it! Won by slaughter rule after only about an hour).

Yesterday Charles and I returned to watch them. Charles insisted that it was hotter yesterday than on Friday night, but I insisted the sun made it feel a million times worse (plus, I didn’t get sunburned on Friday. Yesterday…another story).

But it was a fabulous chance to get to see Aaron play and support him in his awesomeness. He made some incredible plays yesterday. Have you ever seen a 10 year old catch a line drive? It’s pretty awesome.

And I forget how tiny my nieces and nephews are until I see them around other kids their age. The team they played yesterday looked HUGE compared to the Winchester kids.

In the end they came in second place, but they played their little bums off!

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