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Happy birthday blog!

My 50 cents

So loyal readers, today marks one year since I decided to make my thoughts public. What started as a sort of therapeutic exercise for myself and a way to “warm up” my writing skills in the morning has become habit. I feel like I’m forgetting something major on the mornings I don’t post!

Over the last year, I’ve posted 178 posts (counting this one).

I’ve had the traffic of more than 11,000 clicks. Also not so bad considering I was cautious to even post to Facebook or Twitter when I started. Daily, I average about 33 readers. But that number seems to be rising as I post more consistently (or maybe it’s just that everyone loves to read wedding blogs as much as I do!).

My top posts have been about giant cadbury eggs, my engagement, LK’s amazing taco bake, making our guest list, and the thought that goes into buying an engagement ring.

Many things have changed in the last year.

I’ve settled into my first home, and am already thinking about how sad I’ll be when I leave it when we get married.

Speaking of, I got engaged!

I have a new nephew, that rounds the total out to a nice even 10.

I’ve finished quite a slew of DIY projects for said nieces and nephews (and a few others).

What will the next year of blogging hold for me? Only time will tell!

What have been your favorite posts from the last year?

  1. gretchen
    July 12, 2011 at 10:05 am

    all the ones about friends and crafty projects. is that selfish?

    • July 12, 2011 at 11:47 am

      Not selfish! I love those too. We need to make something else soon…If only I had enough bottles and a cutter you could be my assistants in making centerpieces 🙂

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