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Hoping I can Keep up


After this weekend, I’m really hoping that I’ll have the stamina to keep up with being part of Charles’ family one day! For a holiday weekend, there wasn’t much rest. The guy is loved by so many people and we had so many invitations to celebrations, and bless his heart he just can’t say no!

We started the weekend with friends in South Riding watching their fireworks display. I was impressed! It was a fun time had by all (especially the kids with the giant snow cones).

Saturday, we didn’t have plans, but that all changed when I had a flat tire. Boo! Damn screw! So we spent an hour or so at NTB getting that taken care of.

I spent a few hours that night at home baking for the family get together the next day. I decided to try to make mom’s mud pie brownies. We had quickly shopped at CVS and Trader Joe’s for the ingredients, so I’d only picked up big marshmallows (mom used the mini ones). The marshmallow topped brownies where breathing and expanding when I got them out of the oven! But they were delicious, topped with TJs chocolate frosting (just add butter!).

Sunday after I went to church and he played a round of golf, we headed into Maryland for the family picnic. It was great to see everyone again and Uncle Phil sent off 12 balloons in remembrance of the family who weren’t with us that day. I’ve met him maybe a handful of times, and was really touched that he remembered my father along with all his own family members.

Sunday night we headed through a severe thunderstorm to visit our friends Jana and Dave who had married on the marathon wedding weekend we had in April. We set off fireworks and celebrated Dave’s birthday with perhaps the best peach and strawberry trifle I’ve ever tasted! Super sleepy though, Charles and I were the first to head home (where Charles proceeded to sleep until 3:30 p.m. the following day. Poor little feller…)

Yesterday we hit our last cook out at our friends’ mother’s house. GIANT kobe hot dogs and hamburgers. Yum! After our own whimpy fireworks display we enjoyed an awesome view of the Fairfax Country Club show from the front lawn.

So much fun packed into so little time! I’m yawning again just thinking of it all…

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