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We’re getting ready!

We survived our first meeting with a priest. Whew!

I was super anxious all day (as I’m sure he was too) but afterward, it was such a relief! Having not experienced anything like this before, Charles’ biggest misgiving about the process was “Why should I let a guy I’ve just met, and who isn’t married, and never will be married, tell me whether or not I should be married?”

I completely understood this fear, and was afraid for him!

But after meeting with our priest (who looked no less scary wearing a full cassock), his fears were put to rest.

“I never say ‘no,'” Father said. He is simply there to make sure we have discussed all that should be discussed, and that we are entering into a life long commitment with no fears and worries about each other. If through the process we realize there are underlying issues we hadn’t expected before, it would be up to US to decide if we should postpone or cancel the wedding. I don’t think it it could be more clear in the Catholic Church this isn’t about a wedding or one day. This is about a marriage. For life. With no option to get out.

I think after this session, we both feel a lot more relaxed about the whole process. It’s not as if we have to be approved by anyone or do anything we haven’t already done. We’ve discussed kids, finances, health, home. And we certainly took our time in making the decision to marry! It was definitely not something either of us took lightly.

Our next step will be to take the FOCCUS test. We have a year to get all the prep out of the way, but Charles and I both are eager to get through this first. Once it’s out of the way, we can focus completely on “the fun stuff,” as he said.

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  1. June 28, 2011 at 6:22 pm

    I told you it wouldn’t be awful! And I love that photo of you two – so cute!

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