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Get me to the Church

As a child, I never really dreamed of my wedding, what it would be like, and what I would be wearing. I always thought I’d get married at the church at home because it was what my parents wanted…but as the actuality of getting married drew closer…I realized a few months ago that I wanted that for ME…not just for them.

I just couldn’t imagine getting married at a beach or a resort surrounded by only a handful of people. The “fun cousins” have always been at my wedding in my mind! Sure it’s “our day” and should be all about us…but I wouldn’t be who I am without my family and friends…so it had to be a church wedding with a million people!

I have to admit, Charles isn’t the only person that’s nervous about this! I finally got in touch with the priest about a week ago to set up our first meeting. At the end of our conversation, he emailed me a few documents as part of a “welcome” packet for newly engaged couples.

I’m glad Charles didn’t receive it! As overwhelming as it was to me, I’m pretty sure he might have had a heart attack! Having worked for the diocese, I *thought* I knew what was required in Catholic marriage prep…but I don’t think anyone truly realizes the scope of it until they get their very own list of requirements!

But we’ve agreed to go into this with an open mind and take things one step at a time…so I’m doing my best to only introduce him to ONE step at a time!

So Charles, if you’re reading this, you might like to stop here. Following are the steps:

  1. The priest “investigates” to see if we’re prepared (Dear Catholic Church…Might I suggest a friendlier term than “investigate?” I’m imagining a CSI crime scene and Father asking us for hair samples…). This requires:

    Baptismal certificates (and of course Charles can’t find his)
    2 affidavits each from people who have known us since we were children indicating our “free status to marry” (which must be signed in the presence of a priest or minister)
    Results from the FOCCUS test (I love multiple choice tests. This might not be so bad)
    Completion of Engaged Encounter
    Completion of Natural Family Planning class (I’m pretty sure Charles will check out the first time the word mucous is used)
    Five or six meetings with a priest. This will be interesting seeing as we’re starting at the church I belong to, but at some point (I imagine) we’ll switch to the priest at the church we’ll marry at and start all over.

Honestly, if I wasn’t Catholic, I think I’d completely flip out too! But it all comes down to one of the reasons we are getting married…He enjoys making me happy (yes. He’s said that!).

And really, when it all comes down to it, should getting married be easy? I tend to think not.

Check back in next week to see how the first meeting goes!

  1. Jeannine
    June 24, 2011 at 9:28 am

    I love how much you are loving this process! I loved it too. And as unique as we all are, some fun cousins like Wendy and Michelle made it through all of this, Sean and Owen did something similar at Episcopal churches (unless Sean and Amy’s was Catholic, too — I can’t remember!!) and of course Brendan, Emily and I chose to do something else. But we’re all married! And we’re all fun!! My first anniversary is in just over a week!!!!

    • June 24, 2011 at 9:31 am

      I’m pretty sure Sean’s was Catholic! I love ALL the fun cousin weddings! Can’t wait for Joe’s!

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