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Happy Father’s Day, Dad

Since the Nationals came to Washington, a popular Father’s day or birthday gift from me to my father was often baseball tickets.

As soon as they arrived my father was so excited for me. Growing up in Boston, he was used to the “hometown team” feeling that baseball produces. On the metro before every game, people just seem happier, more hopeful and more excited. There’s chatter in the air (sometimes even between strangers. *Gasp* Imagine that on a DC Metro!). It’s just such a happy-summertime feeling that is somewhat unexplainable, but in my opinion, unique to baseball.

It’s something I’ll always be grateful to have shared with my dad.

Since he’s died, honestly, I haven’t been to as many games. I used to go to 10 or 20 a year, lately it’s been 2 or 3. It’s a bitter-sweet feeling to leave a game longing to call him and share in the excitement of a win or a particular amazing play.

Tuesday night I went to my second game of the 2011 season (I have yet to miss an opening day. They are particularly hard since that’s where mom and dad met Charles…but I can’t give up on that record!).

First, we chose to sit in the exact section I sat in with my parents the last time I took them to a father’s day game.

Then, I noticed the moon. It was eerily large! The moon is another connection I have to my father. He was always fascinated with the sky (perhaps from reading a lot of Heinlein novels). He would take us outside on August nights to watch the meteor showers…and I’ll never forget the time we stood in the doorway once and watched waves of red light dance across the night sky. I’ll never understand how the northern lights were visible in Virginia, but it was incredibly amazing.

Mom told me a story once that as a child, Dad asked his father why pieces of the moon couldn’t be brought down to earth. Then they wouldn’t need streetlamps. After he died and she had to choose a paint color for the house, she chose one called “man on the moon”…it just seemed like one Dad would like!

After I noticed the moon…I couldn’t help but notice the incredible 7th inning. There was nothing Dad loved more than to see baseball players PLAY. Not give up when they’re behind…not half-assly play outfield and barely run for the ball (no I’m not referring to any particular former Boston players…ok, maybe I am)…but to put their heart and soul into a game, come from behind, and play an amazing game.

We got that Tuesday night. I couldn’t help but speak Dad’s words as the Nats played what would be a 6-run inning, turning to Gretchen, and saying “Now THIS is baseball!”

Happy Father’s Dad.

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  1. gretchen
    June 17, 2011 at 9:16 am

    what a beautiful reflection and a testament to how much your dad affected your life…in little ways and big. happy father’s day, mr. mccarthy.

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