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My Mother’s Making me Marry Mary Mc

In the last 10 years, I’ve heard numerous sob stories from women about how their parents or family pressure them to date more, to meet the right guy, and just get married already.

I will always be grateful that wasn’t the case for me.

My parents always supported me in figuring out who I was first, in making sure that I was happy first, and in making smart decisions.

Even when others asked why Charles and I weren’t getting married already (which started several years ago!) my mother very clearly said “What? You guys so aren’t ready for a marriage yet!”

Some might have been offended by that statement, but it was true. And in the words of Carole King, “I know you’ll be honest if you can’t always be kind.” I’ve always appreciated the truth!

When I went to Mom about a year ago to tell her that then, we were (some might say finally) discussing getting married sometime in the future (once we got ourselves, our health, and our finances ready for it) she responded with “You haven’t always made the smartest decisions, but you are now. I’m proud of you.”

Again…offensive to some maybe (what dumb choices have I made? lol)…to me…appreciated!

I’m thankful that I’ll be getting married (as some might say) later in life. I know I can support myself and am not getting married out of convenience. I know that I’m not getting married just to be married. I know I’m getting married because of the person I’m getting married to!

And I feel the time to be carefree and selfish has served me and my family well. Had I married years ago, I’m not sure if my mother and I would be as close as we are now. All these years of being able to spend one on one time with her without worrying if my significant other is entertained or wanting me to come home has been amazing!

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