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The Truest Athletes

Yesterday I took a few hours off of work to volunteer with the Special Olympics DC Summer games. I’ve wanted to do it for several years, and I’m so glad I finally did.

These athletes are amazing. Every one that I saw gave their all with true competitive spirit. They weren’t racing for fame or money…just for the fun of the games.

I was asked to work at the track finish line, and I think I want to start every summer from now on with that task.

I was one of the first people the runners and walkers saw as they approached the finish line. I was there to cheer them on as they competed, and once they crossed, I was there with a high five. There were even a few hugs from the most enthusiastic runners. One hug and I was sold. This is definitely something I will do again and encourage others to try!

But the day also led me to reflect a lot about myself. There were athletes of all ages, all abilities and all sizes competing. If they can do it, why can’t I? I really should dedicate myself more and push myself to do better for me.

I also found it quite fitting that last night, as I lay exhausted and sun-burned on the couch watching Glee, I saw the latest End The Word PSA.

I’m sure it was partly moving because of the morning I’d had with nearly 1,000 people who are better athletes than myself. But even had I not had that experience, I still think I would have found the commercial chilling and moving.

Speaking of sunburned … does anyone have a good SPF moisturizer to recomend? Obviously, I need a stronger one!

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