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Stopping Unsolicited Mail

Last year I posted about how many credit offers I receive in a day, and what I did with the envolopes inside.

Sure the game is fun sometimes, but when receiving SIX offers from Citibank at one time…it’s getting to be a bit much!

Oh the wonders of Facebook! I posted about how much junk I was getting, and thankfully, my cousin Jeannine offered another solution!

The FTC lists on its website the numerous ways you can stop phone calls, emails, and yes! Even mail!

I’ve already visited this morning to stop both credit marketers and direct mail advertisers. I feel better already! (even though the junk will still show up for several weeks.)

I feel guilty for what this could do to the postal industry, but at least I’ll spend a lot less time taking out the recycling full of junk mail every week!

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