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What does the word “food” mean?

I had a super lazy weekend. From the time I got home Friday to the time I left for work this morning, I did not leave my house. But knowing that I needed some motivation to do something, I invited my friend Kt over Saturday night (forcing myself to clean my house and vacuum!).

Kt generously brought over the makings for hot buttered rum, and crackers and “cold pack cheese food.”

These might be the most random four words ever strung together. Cold pack? Cheese “food”?

You might notice the “port wine” variety looks a little like play doh. Upon first “taste”…we realized it sort of tasted like play doh too. Just mushy and slightly salty (I have to confess…I’ve tasted play doh, and I’m pretty sure it’d taste better spread on a cracker than “cheese food” does).

I’m half tempted to write to Mr./Mrs. Herkimer and ask them what on earth “cold pack” means and why do they do it to their cheese food.

I’m not always against cheese food. Easy cheese – totally acceptable in emergency situations. The occasional velvetta – not as good as real cheese, but still edible. Cheese Wiz, totally fine on a cheesesteak.

Cold Pack Cheese Food…Hell no!

This food could have had me rethinking my friendship with Ms. KtF…if she hadn’t made up for it with hot buttered rum.

I’ll admit, the butter freaked me out a bit and I’m pretty sure I got 75% of the rum…but it was hot and comfy feeling.

And by the end of “How to Train Your Dragon” we’d nearly forgotten about the cheese food.

  1. January 31, 2011 at 1:15 pm

    Cheese food is what they feed the real cheese so it gets big and strong!

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