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What are we without goals?

I need some new goals.

Little goals so they’re attainable.

I haven’t been blogging as much lately because usually it’s done in that time after I get to work, but before work actually starts.

Well, when it’s freezing outside and not so toasty in my room…it’s just so hard to get out from under those covers!

Those who know me, know that one of my favorite things is sleep. I love a good sleep, or a nap, or just cuddling down in my cocoon of pillows (3 feather, one foam, one body pillow) with a million blankets. It’s so hard to break free of that in the morning! Especially when it’s cold.

I think it’s a family thing. My father took hours long afternoon naps (granted he went to work at 1 a.m.). I also take after his mother who would enjoy getting up for breakfast, then laying down for a nap until lunch (Oh, the perfect weekend!).

But I’m also tired of being anxious the whole way to work wondering if I’ll be able to make it there on time.

So I’m trying desperately to get my self OUT of bed on the first alarm (I have 3 set. And sometimes I snooze them all).

Hopefully you guys will appreciate it since you’ll have more fun stuff to read 🙂

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