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Ready to Race?

First, I apologize. I’ve been a terrible blogger lately!

We’re preparing for a HUGE event at work, so hopfully after next week I’ll be better (although I’ve just taken on more responsibilities, so it sounds like maybe I’ll see you in May? No, there’s commencement. June?)

2010 Race for Hope Team

Anyway…Today, I finally took a few minutes for myself and recreated our Race for Hope team. My friend Kt and I started this team three years ago when my father was battling a GBM brain tumor (aka – the same kind Ted Kennedy had. Although Dad hated that reference. But he did sort of have Kennedy hair, didn’t he? Anyway…).

Kt’s step-father had died a few years earlier from the same cancer. Honestly, I’m not sure how I would have gotten through Dad’s illness in one piece without her. She taught me many important things.

1. Don’t google. You will find exactly the opposite of what you’re looking for.

2. Statistics are ridiculous and don’t mean a thing.

3. The worst thing you can do is take yourself too seriously.

4. But it’s ok to be angry.

Kt, Me, and Timmy the Tumor eating T-Rex.

It helped me feel less worthless and more like I was DOING something to have started this race team and raised money to fight tumors (Like a t-rex. T-rexes hate tumors).

It makes me sad that our team is growing because more people are being affected. But this year two of Charles’ friend (and a friend of theirs) will be joining us in honoring our fathers. I hope they can feel the same amount and type of love and support that I felt the first year I joined.

I’m so thankful for all the family and friends (and friends wo are like family) who have supported me and my family since Dad’s diagnosis in 2009.

If you’d like to join us on May 1, you can join our team online. Donations, thoughts, and prayers are also very appreciated 🙂

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