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Will I be Pretty?

First, Thank you readers! My cute little blog has surpassed 5,000 visits! Woohoo!

Second, It was a long and crazy day and nothing at work was working out the way I needed it, so posting go pushed off (plus my eye was twitching constantly, and it’s hard enough to type for work while winking at your screen!).

I was going to wait til Monday to post anything, but then a friend e-mailed me this amazing video on youtube.

It was just so easy to relate to, as I thought it would be for most young women.

Growing up, I was never the “pretty” one, nor did I ever expect I would ever be! I was pretty smart, I was pretty cute (at times), but never “pretty.”

But after watching this video, I can affirm that all my life, I’ve been pretty awesome!

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