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Maybe I’m Glad I’m not an Architect…

Life has been rather slow lately (not that I’m at ALL complaining!) so I didn’t have anything earth shattering to blog about today, so I figured I’d post an update on my gingerbread house post from December.

The day after Christmas is family day for my family. We tried getting together on Christmas eve one year, but it confused the kids way too much! Did they miss Santa? Was it already Christmas? Why were they getting so many presents?!?!

Christmas day, we feel, should be spent at home with your family. When we were kids, we had to be at Grandma’s house by noon for lunch. So that means waking up, opening presents quickly (but not before your siblings were up, you had slippers AND a robe on and you woke up Mom and Dad), eating breakfast, and then the worst part…

Choosing ONE toy to get to take to Grandma’s to show off to Will and Lara. Just one!

So here, happy Christmas. Here’s a bunch of toys, but you only get to play with one!

That’s cruel.

So we chose the day after so the kids could spend a relaxed day with their toys, siblings and parents.

However on the day after Christmas, at Granny’s house, my “Granny’s House” gingerbread house met it’s fate…

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