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100th Post – All things good!

Welcome to my 100th post! Yay!

I thought today would be a good opportunity to talk about many good things – food and family mostly.

Although my brother did the bulk of the cooking on Thanksgiving day, we all helped out in our own ways. Mom was in charge of the apple pie. After learning my sister-in-law couldn’t peel an apple without breaking the peel (and I can) it became my job to peel the apples. And it was a lot of apples for two deep-dish pies! My fingers were quite cramped by the end.

Once the apples were ready, I set to make my cheeseball appetizer. I forgot to get the ingredients to mix into the base I’d set aside and frozen, and I refused on Wednesday to step foot in a grocery store when I realized I’d forgotten them, so this ball was an experiment!

I found a massive block of cheddar in the fridge so it was going to have to be the cheddar ball. In place of chutney, I stirred in raspberry preserves. It was still yummy! We ate a big breakfast of French toast but then weren’t having our big dinner until 4 p.m., so the cheese was definitely needed!

One of the last things to be done was the bread. My brother likes making fresh bread, so he mixed the dough and let it rise. the kids had fun punching it back down. Then we set to work to make the rolls. It was sticky fun!

My brother doesn’t like creases in his rolls so we broke off pieces and squished them through our fingers to make smooth round balls of dough.

They were absolutely delicious! It was a close tie between them and Doug’s “Stuffin’ Muffins” for winner of favorite food. The stuffing was appley and delicious…and baked in muffin tins so everyone got their own ball of stuffing that was perfectly crisp on top and not at all mushy (I hate a mushy stuffing). Yum!

But I have to say my MOST favorite thing of all on Thanksgiving is the people. Sometimes they may be loud. Sometimes they may wine. It may be completely annoying to hear “Maaaaama! Get Leeeeo!” 20 times a day, but they’re so precious and cute you can’t help but love them!





And another good thing – Leftovers! oh yeah. And Pirates!

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