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Shopping – Done! Wrapping – Done!

As of last Saturday, I am officially finished Christmas shopping! And with the exception of several gifts that have yet to arrive from Amazon – they’re all wrapped!

Except for those few (or half dozen) little girls’ dresses I’m supposed to sew…but that’s a whole other blog!

I finished up my shopping adventures in a little town near my house, Occoquan. Or perhaps I should say, I finished my lack of adventures!

I’ve always been one to support locally-owned businesses over box stores. But come November or December, I’m even MORE in favor of it.

First off, only so many cars will fit in the entire town, so there’s none of that “stalking” that’s necessary to do when you go to a mall during the holiday shopping season. I showed up around noon and took the first parking spot I could find (because the entire town is only several blocks long, so there’s no such thing as a “far away” parking space!).

First I was there to look for bias tape. I asked a couple of weeks ago at A.C.More if they had bias tape, and the girl behind the counter looked at me like I had 12 heads. She had no clue what I was looking for (so I looked at her like SHE had 12 heads).

The Sew Social store didn’t know of anyone in town who wouldn’t make their own bias tape for their projects, so I was out of luck, but the sales associate wasn’t afraid to spend a good 10 or 15 minutes discussing my project with me and showing me similar things she’s done. Would this happen in a mall? I doubt people would have the time.

On my way to my next stop, I was strolling behind several women on their way to lunch. In a town this small, I can’t imagine anyone is ever in a hurry, but they turned around and asked me if I’d like to pass them. I chuckled and thanked them.

At the recently re-opened Irish Collection, I felt like one of the family as excited shoppers came in to a store they’d missed while it was closed for several months before it moved. I probably could have bought the present I picked up there at a Macy’s or other larger department store (and it may have even been cheaper), but they wouldn’t have been so excited to have had a McCarthy as a patron.

It was almost hard to leave town and not visit some of my other favorite shops, but I forced myself to for the good of my wallet. But hitting up this little gem outside the Beltway helped to greatly preserve my sanity for yet another holiday season!

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