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My Favorite Things in November

Happy Birthmonth Lara!

I love fall more than any other season, and although October may be my favorite month, November has a lot to offer as well.

1. Thanksgiving. I love thanksgiving. Maybe it’s because there’s no pressure for buying presents or pleasing people, it’s just all about getting together, eating great food and having a fun time. And I love figuring out something for the kids to do before dinner. I have been told I’m an expert hand-turkey maker.

2. Daylight savings time. Although it’s harder to wake up in the morning when it’s darker, for one weekend, I love having one more hour to spend in my bed. I love sleep. There is not much that I love more than sleep.

3. Birthdays. The month opens with one of my favorite cousin’s birthdays and closes with my oldest nephew’s. What’s more fun than birthdays?? (Although with Dallin turning TWELVE it’s one more reminder of me getting old.)

Making Apple Butter.

4. One month closer to Christmas. I love Christmas enough for the normal reasons…but working for a Catholic University, I love it even more. A week or two of paid holidays? I’ll take it!

5. Sweaters. I love wearing layers. I love when it gets colder. I like to think cold is better than hot because you can always put on an added layer when you get cold, but when it’s hot, there’s only so much you can take off (in public at least).

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