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My Favorite Things – My name

Why it’s cool to be named Mary (requested by Jeannine, a person with a name that took me a lot longer to learn to spell!):

1. 9 times out of 10, people know how to pronounce it and spell it

2. It works so well with a middle name (like Frances) and I’m a big fan of middle names (I have it, why not use it?)

3. It’s nearly impossible to shorten or create strange nicknames out of it. I feel sorry for people with names like Richard. If your mom wanted you to be a Dick, wouldn’t she have named you Dick? I just get “Mare” (or Marebear), which is totally not insulting.

4. Depending on who I like that day, I can claim to be named after any number of people from all sides of my family (especially two aunts and and my father’s father’s cousins’ wives).

5. On the first day of school, I was already SO far past learning how to write my first name. I was working on the middle name. I felt SO awful for the kid who sat next to me who didn’t know how to write his name 😦 I even remember asking my mom how on earth that could have happened.

6. Working in Catholic places, it tends to be pretty hard for people to forget my name. (And occasionally just decide to refer to ALL my coworkers as “Mary.”)

7. I think I’m a fairly easy-going, non-fuss person. I think “Mary” fits.

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