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My Favorite Things – Money

Ok, I have to clarify that money isn’t really a “favorite” thing…but I have a whole different appreciation for it as an adult than I did as a college student.

When I was a college student, if I ran out of cash it simply meant I had to hope there was money on my Metro card already so I could to go a free museum that weekend instead of going shopping or to a show.

My meals were already paid for…I didn’t have to pay rent or a mortgage…Seriously?!? How did I not realize how lucky I was?!

I see my younger self as somewhat of an idiot. I was awarded Federal Work Study money every year, but it wasn’t until my last two years that I actually found a job and got this money. I worked hard during the summer and on holidays to get cash to last me through the semesters…but really…I could have had so much more for free! I could have sat my lazy butt in a chair and been paid for it!

But no. I wanted to make sure I could “focus on my studies” (yeah right).

Now that I have to pay for housing monthly and can’t just swipe a magical card for all three meals every day (well, I could swipe a card…but I’d still have to pay for it!), I have a whole new appreciation for the green stuff.

And who would ever have thought that at the ripe age of 30, the highlight of my year would be that by the end of the year my education loans would be less than $10K.

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