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The Best Birthday Ever

My favorite birthday memory happened when I was four or five (I’m getting too old now to remember!).

Being the third child, I rarely got anything that was “new” and just for me. Christmas presents were often shared with my sister…Clothes were almost always hand-me-downs (excpet for the gorgeous dresses my grandmother bought us every Easter). Not that I ever really minded. I think I’m pretty good at the sharing thing.

But this year, I learned that birthdays were totally special.

My father came home from work at lunchtime and told me there was a surprise outside. I covered my eyes and my parents led me out the door safely.

There in the driveway (which was still made of gravel) sat a beautiful, shiny, GLEAMING, brand-new red tricycle.

No one had ever ridden it before.

My sister was too old to get to rid it then.

It was MINE!

I don’t know what it is about this year (turning 30 maybe?) that has me missing my Dad more than I probably have in the last year and a half…

But I’ll be forever grateful the wonderful memories of him picking out something perfect to give his Angelface…of always surprising me with the most personal things…and of coming home from work at lunchtime to watch soap operas with me before carrying me piggy back up to nap.

Is it naptime yet?

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  1. eileen o'brien poole
    October 5, 2010 at 10:19 am

    … maturity (the aging process (: ) often brings w/ it a deeper understanding of what our wonderful parents did for us! your dad & i often shared our appreciation & stories of the parents we were blessed with. a new bike? … i’m only the second child and i never had a new one, but billie built me one when i was about 10. that remains on the top of my list of reasons i love him so much!

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