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Something Fuzzy…

My crib blanket, made by my Grand-Godmother Rita

The scavenger hunt theme for yesterday was “something fuzzy.”

Since I don’t have pets…that topic sort of stumped me. I also didn’t have time to get to the grocery store shoot a kiwi or peach or other fuzzy food. I thought of taking a photo of my boyfriend’s shaved head, but even that seemed like a cop out.

But to me, “fuzzy” also connotes something comfy. So when I got home I had the perfect subjects. My blankets.

I am a blanket whore. I couldn’t even tell you how many I have total because they’re stashed all over the house…in my r

oom…in  the basement…in the linen closet…in the living room. I have some that are totally sentimental, and some that I just have but can’t get rid of. I LOVE blankets.

And this love inspired my desire to make them for all of my nieces and nephews (granted, I didn’t realize I’d have 10!!).

Growing up, I had this blanket neatly folded in thirds and draped across the foot of my bed.

Because it was on MY bed, I always for some reason thought it was “mine.” Silly kid!

Actually, it was a wedding present made for my parents by Uncle Tom and Brenda. I have struggled for at least two years to try to figure out how on earth people crochet. I prefer knitting because the loops you grab are already on the needles. I could NEVER imagine crocheting this beautiful blanket and then still being dedicated enough to go back over it and cross stitch it! This thing is truely amazing to me with it’s neat little stitches.

This is what my family lovingly calls a “Giggie Blanket.” She must have made dozens of them. Everyone in the family had their very own up to all the great-great nieces and nephews that she ever met (and some she didn’t meet got extras we found when she died). Giggie made these after her eyesight got too bad to do regular needle work, but the holes in the canvas (I guess you’d call it a canvas?) were large enough she could still see them. Most of them feature varigated yarn…which I’ve never been a huge fan of…except in a Giggie blanket.

I like the idea of blankets giving warmth…but not only that. When they’re made by someone you love, I like the feeling that it’s bits and pieces of their love that warm you up.

Besides these few blankets that were made for me, I also treasure my embroidered blankets (like the bunny one I just finished) made by Aunt Ina (who wasn’t an aunt, but it took me years to figure that out!) and Giggie.

And of course my T-shirt quilt. Since nearly half the shirts were donated by family and cousins…that one has a LOT of love wrapped up in it!

  1. September 22, 2010 at 12:13 pm

    Great post! This one had me stumped too.

    • September 22, 2010 at 12:14 pm

      At least you have pets! I even thought of looking for dust bunnies…but that would be too embarrassing!

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